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The Swedish Model

Stockholm, you have a problem.

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This article is translated and published not to exalt it but to expose it and ridicule it. Citoyens Suédoise, tourists to Sweden, visitors to Sweden: this is what awaits you, this is what happens to your children when they're put through the state's daycare system and thereafter into the state's school system.

This is what happens to your growing children - and to you - when they're put through the state's universities: all studies and research in Sweden today must by law follow this model, must arrive at the same conclusions.

This is what happens when university professors, lecturers, and teacher assistants are filtered out of the system because they really don't like what's happening.

The 'Swedish model' used to be famous - but it wasn't for this.

Gender Science for Dummies

There are two powerful structures in today's Sweden: the Sexual Power Structure and the Patriarchic Power Structure. Gender Science is in the other corner. Common knowledge of these powers is very small despite the fact they totally dominate our society. And despite the fact that gender science is the only thing that can thwart these power structures, common awareness of gender science is very poor. I shall here review my own studies in Gender Science and summarise them under the title Gender Science for Dummies.

All children are identical when born. Children have two parents who are identical. Parents multiply by donating eggs or sperm, in test tubes or so-called natural impregnation. The one parent gives birth to the child and has breasts which help that parent feed the child. People often consider the parent with breasts the more suitable to feed the child but that's a hasty conclusion. By using a breast pump either parent can be suitable for feeding the child and therefore neither of the parents are more important for the child.

The most important thing for the child's development is the value system that forms its development. Even the child's parents can be important provided they have an adequate gender-scientific education. And it's important to always use an established curriculum to raise children.

As stated, the newborn child is identical to all other children - it completely lacks unique characteristics. There are physical differences between children - wieners and slits. But as soon as a child is born the patriarchic power structure starts forming it to the gender the sexual organs indicate it should belong to. If we let this structure reign freely, then boys and girls will develop in different ways.

For example, it can happen that boys prefer playing with cars and other boys whereas girls prefer playing with other girls and dolls. Many people with a low gender science awareness do not understand this is a problem. Gender science must step in and problematise the child's playing patterns. To problematise is to apply a gender-scientific perspective to a situation to highlight a gender-scientific problem that otherwise would remain invisible.

To problematise is to take the first step in breaking a gender-scientific pattern. Our society attempts in many cases to unproblematise things in order to find solutions. But Gender Science works in the opposite direction: it problematises things not seen as problems.

When you've problematised, you can apply a solution. A solution to a child's hetero-normative play pattern can be to introduce a rotating play schedule. It works like this: staff at a preschool observe the children's choice of toys and playmates and intervene after a while and terminate their play. The child must then choose another toy and another playmate. It is also important there be no 'girl toys' or 'boy toys' - toys Gender Science calls 'gender-coded toys'. Toys must be neutral and may not be blue, pink, or red.

Another way to protect children from the influence of social gender roles is to hide the child's sex from grownups. You can call the child 'they' instead of 'he' or 'she' and give it neutral clothes and haircuts. Then grownups won't subconsciously apply a gender role to a child through knowledge of the child's sex.

Even the child's parents have a problem here because they can't avoid knowing the sex of their child and will consequently allow their own social gender roles to influence the child. This shows how important it is that everyone in society has a correct gender-scientific education and is aware of how they can inadvertently influence other people they meet.

Gender Science is a science just like chemistry or astronomy but there's no Nobel Prize in Gender Science. A learned gender scientist can always dismiss a less learned scientist as ignorant. There is thus a hierarchy not found in other sciences. It is not possible to falsify Gender Theory because falsification is a part of the power structure Gender Science is trying to destroy.

So if you're not a supporter of Gender Theory, then you're part of the problem.

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