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Irmeli Krans

What's 'foot in mouth' called in Swedish? An homage to one of many loose cannon police inspectors.

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Irmeli Krans is a personal friend and political colleague of Anna Ardin. It was Irmeli Krans whom Anna Ardin brought Sofia Wilén to meet at the Klara police station on Friday 20 August 2010.

Here's the reaction of Irmeli Krans to the news Stockholm chief prosecutor Eva Finné dismissed the charges against Julian Assange on 25 August. Judging from the time stamp, this is most likely in reaction to the radio news announcement, before there was any writeup in the media.

[Note: this is the day before she attempted to reinsert her interrogation of Sofia Wilén into the police system. H/T Old Wolf.]

Krans follows up at 16:09 with the post 'the absolutely latest news', then at 22:44 the same day adds this gem.

'But migod!!! The scandal in every newspaper and news broadcast. But our dear eminent and especially competent Claes Borgström can hopefully straighten this out!'

2. Male Jerk!

Irmeli reacts to Mark Stephens' condemnation of the abuse of process against Julian Assange, calling Stephens a 'male jerk' ('gubbtjyv').

'... minor rape is what the solicitor calls it. Male jerk! :('

But police director Harald Ullman decides it's time to calm things down and chastise his police investigator.

'It's jealousy and not rape. Wait and you'll see.'

Irmeli gets rabid and goes on the attack against her superior.

'Harald, so unexpected that you jump onto the conspiracy theories... Yawn! And the court is a long way from a decision. The person in question is like sought by the authorities and will be interrogated... And it seems that he's now being sought by maaany intelligence agencies. I do NOT want to be in his clothes...'

Harald's back.

'@irmeli: considering your job [police interrogator] I think you should have the integrity to abstain from your comments above. And now I'm serious. Our citizenry have to be able to have confidence that our police are impartial and don't jump to foregone conclusions.'

But already at 14:20 in the early afternoon Irmeli's totally tanked up.

'It's because I know how men in our judicial system let themselves be influenced by their own illusions in the performance of their duties that I risk making such a comment! It's a matter of competence to be able to see oppressive structures, Harald.'

Harald's not through with Irmeli.

'@irmeli And you as a woman don't let yourself be influenced by your own illusions. Wasn't that precisely what you did in your comment.'

3. Stop Flashback!

Now it's 9 February 2011 and Swedish police interrogator Irmeli is increasingly irritated by free discussion at Flashback.

'[I] think Bodström should come home and put a stop to Flashback'

Thomas Bodström is of course the former Swedish minister of justice who pushed through the new European surveillance and data retention directives, who gave Marianne Ny her current exalted position, who is the legal firm partner of Claes Borgström, and who is a political crony and personal friend of Irmeli Krans.

Bodström left Sweden, his political party, and his seat in the parliament under mysterious circumstances after the September 2010 elections, moving to the US where his estranged wife and family were already in residence. Rumour has it Bodström had an affair with a well known Swedish author currently living in Barcelona and his wife demanded he get out of Europe and away from the other woman.

Note the time of the post: 9 February (Wednesday) 02:01. One 'Lars Svensson' comments soberly the same day.

'So Irmeli - you think we should censor freedom of speech?'

Irmeli responds with classic Swedish LGBT logic.

'We should have freedom of speech AND shut down Flashback!'

The prosecution rests.

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