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Wild Tom Hayden

Hiding the truth is bad enough. Grossly misrepresenting it is another matter altogether.

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The year-long battle of Sweden versus Assange rages on. Most of the facts in the case are known today. There are a few additional interrogations Marianne Ny is keeping from everyone. There's also a tranche of shocking SMS exchanges which are said to be 'exculpatory' in nature. But the gist of the story - the dates, events, names, and places - are well known. All of it.

Belmarsh in February leads now to the High Court in July. Julian's new counsel Gareth Peirce is working hard on the case, burning the midnight oil. And it's always nice when the pieces of the puzzle finally fall into place. But just when people are starting to get a clue of what it's all about, in rides Wild Tom Hayden on his trusty steed, shooting up the place like there's no end in sight.

Hiding the truth is bad enough. That's what WikiLeaks is for. Grossly misrepresenting it is another matter altogether. And far far worse.

Wild Tom Hayden was in Stockholm the other week, shooting up the place at the Social Democrats' ABF-huset, in a capacity no one is really sure about. But here he comes, the erstwhile bed buddy of Jane Fonda, retired US senator perhaps most notorious for his legislation against 'wolf whistles' in California, and he's on location to sort things out. The world owes a lot to Wild Tom Hayden.

'Kiss and make up' was his message at his talk. Just get the players in the Assange case to meet over tea and scones, say 'sorry' to each other, and the whole thing is over. The strange thing is there's been ample time for someone to hit Wild Tom over the head with a clue bat (and he must have been clued in any number of times since then) but Wild Tom doesn't seem to want to listen. Things are always so much easier and simpler when you're 8,000 miles away and see everything through Ray-Bans.

The real insult is not only that Wild Tom prints the same drivel in the Nation but that he has the audacity to let his piece be titled 'A View From Sweden'. But Wild Tom doesn't have a view from Sweden. And Ray-Bans don't change that.

Let's go through Tom's magnum opus fact for fact and see how bad it really is.

  1. 'Any extradition from Sweden would have to be approved by both Stockholm and London.'

    Nonsense. What approval did Thomas Bodström get to help the CIA extradite two Egyptians (later proved innocent) to Mubarak's Egypt? We're not talking rule of law here and everyone knows it. Save Wild Tom that is.

  2. Wild Tom uses - get ready - David Leigh as his expert in international law. Right there you know that it's going to be great. 'It's much easier for him to be snatched from here', Leigh tells Wild Tom. But of course the opposite is true.

    • Britain has 'rule of law', Sweden doesn't.
    • Britain has trial by jury, Sweden doesn't.
    • Britain insists on public trials, Sweden doesn't.
    • Britain has a bail system (which is why Julian wears an ankle tag today) but Sweden doesn't.

    Innocent people have been held up to 16 (sixteen) months without a trial, only to be exonerated when the trial finally takes place. No recourse under Swedish law. (Sweden argued unsuccessfully before their own supreme court that a 16 month wait for a trial while sitting helpless behind bars is reasonable. They were shot down of course, but they'll do it again. And again.) And Wild Tom knows none of this, despite his now having been in Sweden and 'learning it all'.

  3. Citing Gary McKinnon. McKinnon and his mum have been fighting extradition for ten years now. What does Wild Tom's legal expert say? 'He isn't going anywhere.' Fine if that expert could cite a decision by the Home Secretary but of course there is none. It's just Leigh mouthing off again. And Wild Tom swallowing.

  4. 'The fine points of legal argument have been undermined by the attack on Swedish justice that Assange and his previous lawyers made.'

    Wow. For all they did was point out why the EAW was a bad idea. If that meant disparaging the country where this ridiculous nonsense took place, then too bad. And there are a lot of Swedes who would dispute such a claim anyway - the 'ones that get left behind'. They want the world to see what a corrupt system they have. Wild Tom didn't see it - he was probably too distracted by his own Medicine Show to notice. But it's there.

    And what if Gary McKinnon's case is OK and he's not going anywhere? Care to compare his fate with that of the two Egyptians? Oops! We're already onto the next topic.

  5. Assange is laying a smoke screen. According to Wild Tom. No - Assange is the one who's been more cautious about drawing conclusions than anyone. The only times he comes out and says things are when the media already establish them.

  6. 'I found no evidence of CIA or Swedish government conspiracies.' Renowned spy catcher Wild Tom talking now. His technique seems fairly straightforward: simply walk up to people and say 'Hi! I'm Wild Tom Hayden! Are you a spy?'

  7. 'Donald Boström, one of the world's tougher investigative journalists...'

    Whoa. Really. Boström is one of the witnesses in the preliminary investigation. He's a member of the same creepy 'brotherhood' as Anna Ardin was. He's known for one piece published a number of years ago that ended up being highly criticised - something about the Israelis selling body parts on the black market. Donald Boström is hardly a household name, even in the Duckpond. That he's involved at all is because Anna Ardin tried to dump her responsibilities for the Julian gig onto him. And it's great Wild Tom got a good indian scout to help him find all the potential spies he needed to talk to, but still and all. And to quote Boström of all people about the spook matter is downright stupid - Boström's the one who admitted to the police that Anna Ardin had lied to him four times and he never knew it.

  8. Wild Tom now pulls in Boström's g/f into the mêlée. Up to now she's had zip connection with the case and after this she still won't have. Her name is Eva Stackelberg and Wild Tom describes her as 'a well known Stockholm photographer'.

    Strange then that 1) so few people know of her; and 2) a Google search for a website for 'Eva Stackelberg' turns up Adolf Hitler but no website. So much for being well known.

  9. Wild Tom now has the foolish audacity to shoot himself in the foot. He quotes the well known photographer that nobody's heard of. This is called a 'colour quote' by journalists who defend it and a lot of dirty names by those who don't. 'If you believe in somebody as a hero, you don't want to accept that he's just a normal man. You feel bad about yourself because you thought he was a hero.'

    Not only is that utter poppycock, it's also the line Anna Ardin used to try to re-incriminate Assange after the charges were dropped. People don't view Assange as a hero, even if Wild Tom can't grasp that in his ripe age. They object to the charges because they know Assange and how out of character those stories are, and they object to them because they've now read the police files and see how trumped up and ridiculous the whole thing is.

    But odds are good Wild Tom doesn't even know the police documents are available in English. Actually the odds are over 100% he wouldn't bother reading them anyway - much less study them as the people of Flashback have done.

    Daniel Ellsberg isn't envious of Julian Assange. Why is Wild Tom? Daniel Ellsberg actually did something. Wild Tom doesn't dare.

Now Wild Tom starts with his 'interesting questions' as he calls them. The world around might have thousands but Wild Tom has five (5). And five's a nice tidy number but so's eighteen.

  1. 'Why was the complaint by the two women to the police released to the tabloid Expressen at 5 PM Friday August 20?'

    Good question because it wasn't. That's the time Irmeli Krans and Sofia Wilén were informed Maria Häljebo Kjellstrand had put out an APB for Julian and sent out Stockholm's finest to find him. The actual tip-off happened at 19:52 - almost three hours later. Watch where you point that toy, Wild Tom.

  2. 'Why was the initial rape charge made and circulated by the desk prosecutor that Friday night, then discounted by a senior prosecutor, Eva Finné, only to be reinstated by a third prosecutor?'

    Well we all know (ahem) and we've seen the AJE clip with Karin Rosander (and had good lulz over it). MHK had no paperwork to use, EF was the first to actually see any of it (despite how KR dodged the question with AJE) and Marianne Ny is of course a good buddy of Borgström's, appointed to her office by his law firm partner. That's how. Don't tell Wild Tom.

  3. Claes Borgström is a 'leading women's rights attorney'? On what planet? Claes Borgström is a disgraced jurist who gutted the Swedish judicial system for half a million (yes in dollars) to keep his mouth shut and do nothing for seven years in one of the biggest scandals in modern Swedish history. He was the public defender of Lady Toblerone, was able to get his friends in the prosecutor's office to close the case on the grounds there was no evidence even though they had twenty times the evidence they require in sex trials, after which he was rewarded for his skills at Swedish cronyism with an appointment in the Social Democrat cabinet. After which he started freaking even the rabid feminists out, trying his best to say things he thought they wanted to hear and continually overshooting the mark. If Claes Borgström leads anything, it'll be leading the way to the bar.

  4. Ardin and Borgström don't know each other. Yeah right. That's how Ardin can find Borgström's number and ring him on a Sunday without being rude - you have to be on very good terms with somebody to do that. She could have waited until the following day and rung his office. But no. Wild Tom shoots out two more panes of glass in the general store.

  5. Both claimants were supporters of WikiLeaks. Whoa again. Sofia Wilén had known about Julian Assange for a fortnight at most. That she turned groupie as she'd done with Lou Reed four years earlier is well documented. That she had anything to do with WikiLeaks is out of the question. That a spook or an asset can lie with a good cover is something spy catcher Tom doesn't have a clue about. Stick to wolf whistles, dawg.

  6. 'Borgström told me that he hopes Assange will never be extradited to the United States, a view that he believes the two women share.' Aw gosh gee! Now we can all relax! Seriously: what did you expect him to say, Wild Tom! One of the chief arguments against extradition is the untidy bit about getting kidnapped by the CIA and Thomas Bodström's friends from the Potomac. Wild Tom takes naïvety to a whole new level.

  7. 'Ny was within her prosecutorial discretion to demand that he come in for an interview.' No she was not, there is an ongoing judicial process in the UK right now about that, maybe you've heard. And seriously Wild Tom: who disbanded the world's court systems and put you in charge? Now you're looking downright ridiculous.

  8. 'Olof Palme, Sweden's popular two-term prime minister...'

    Palme took over after Tage Erlander, was reelected, lost to the conservatives, worked for the UN, came back to Sweden and won again. After which he was murdered. Not only does that sound more like three terms to anyone, but there was no reason for Wild Tom to put that factoid out there in the first place. Wild Tom's trying to show off again.

  9. Wild Tom finally brings up the extradition case but he deliberately doesn't connect it to the Assange case, leaving Leigh's gibberish to stand.

    And he doesn't mention the connection between that case, the person behind it, and the Assange situation today:

    The same person sending Ahmed Agiza and Mohammed al-Zari to their Cairo cocktail party is the one who accommodated Bush over The Pirate Bay, forced the case through the judicial system, told the chancellor of justice to stop bringing people's attention to the great number of innocent people sitting in the country's prisons, pushed through EU legislation for data retention and increased CCTV surveillance everywhere, gave Marianne Ny her current position as Wicked Witch of the West, and when getting voted out of power in 2006 joined up with another bat shit insane pseudo-feminist to start a law firm that went on to get retained by Anna Ardin and pressure Marianne Ny to keep the Assange case alive.

    Otherwise Wild Tom got all the facts right.

  10. 'Kaplan told me that Bodström said under oath he couldn't remember how the renditions occurred.' Well then gee, Wild Tom! That about settles it! Did 'Kaplan' also tell you Bodström also claimed he could in fact remember - and tried to lay the blame on the already murdered Anna Lindh? Guess you missed that one.

  11. Wild Tom's 'Kaplan' claims to have an inside track at Spook Central and tells Wild Tom that one unit from the US embassy was surely working on WikiLeaks but that they would never track Assange at the same time. Wild Tom must have a big mouth to be able to swallow things like that.

  12. Wild Tom quotes Social Democrat Urban Ahlin as saying 'Sweden is run by the law'. Even Scott Adams knows more about Sweden than Wild Tom.

  13. The 'WTF' group on the Potomac are only involved in a 'battle of perceptions'. Now Wild Tom's got sources within the Pentagon too. Wild. And all he's quoting is an article already ten months old. Journalism!

  14. 'Everyone I interviewed in Sweden expected Assange to be extradited there sooner or later.' O RLY? How many is 'everyone', Wild Tom? And what difference would it make? What's your sophomoronic article about anyway?

  15. Julian Assange needs public support in Sweden to not be extradited by either Thomas Bodström who's Sweden's extradition and torture expert; or current PM Fredrik Reinfeldt who's been the protegé of Karl Rove for the past thirty years and is currently Rove's only client outside the US?

  16. 'It should be emphasised that Assange is wanted in Sweden for questioning only.' Got the Belmarsh court documents? Too much trouble! Yes he's only wanted for questioning - lagföring - but that's a wide topic anyone would have picked up on if they weren't chasing wolf-whistling Chicanos in Inglewood.

  17. 'The two women could decide to withdraw charges.' This is perhaps the worst. It's a crime against the state, Wild Tom! It's called 'allmänt åtal'. Not only can't the 'women' withdraw the charges - they're not the ones that made them!

  18. 'Why is the United States pursuing Assange as the conspiratorial mastermind of WikiLeaks when his reputation, credibility, and organisation have been so damaged? If Washington attempts to extradite him, will that not resurrect Assange to the status of outlaw hero?'

    Saving the best for last. Like wearing a badge on your forehead saying 'I'm from the US and I am STUPID!'

    Assange's won an Amnesty International award, an Ars Electronica Award, the Sam Adams Award, the Martha Gellhorn Prize, the Sydney Peace Medal - about the only thing he hasn't won is the Nobel Peace Prize and now the Russians have nominated him for that. His WikiLeaks currently enjoys a 89% global approval rating. And the only place where that goes any lower is in the Land of Wild Tom™. As if the people there aren't on the same planet. Wishful thinking to be sure.

But enough now. Stay home, Wild Tom. Enjoy your retirement. You deserve it. Chill out at Santa Monica pier and ogle the youngblood.

One final remark: Wild Tom boasts that he's written twenty two 'blogs' on the 'WikiLeaks story' since 28 July last year. That's not even one article every fortnight. What did Shania Twain sing, Wild Tom? All together now.

The greatest insult of all, beyond Wild Tom's wild shooting, his cavalier attitude toward the truth, and his infatuation with himself, is how he's promoted his own article: it's 'exclusively at the Nation'. And if the casual net surfer tries to access the article one time too many, the article disappears until one pays up. Removing one's cookies takes care of it but it's the thought that counts. Or in the case of Wild Tom Hayden, the lack of it.

The translator's note to the police documents stresses that 'the truth will out, the truth wins out'. It also challenges journalists to not write nonsense any longer and to do the required research. Wild Tom Hayden proves he's not of the caliber to be writing about anything at all.

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