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There's a time to voice opinion and disagreement and there's a time not to do it.

The fur ball 'leader' of Open Sauce™ came out of enforced hiding to comment on the demise of Steve Jobs. Richard M Stallman was his usual self.

The hallmark of the career of Richard M Stallman is that there haven't been any hallmarks. He might have a point that Apple developers are constrained and that Apple user environments might be walled gardens, but this isn't the time to bring that up.

Show some decency and respect. Steve Jobs turned a bankrupt Apple around and made it the most powerful tech company in the world. And don't forget: he didn't have to work there. He could have retired at any time. He was the conductor on the Gravy Train and the single biggest shareholder in Disney.

But he's been working nonstop in tech since the days of NeXT. And he's done this because he wants to. And nothing else.

All the while Richard M Stallman continues to carry on doing nothing. Bitching at Linus for paying for his software. Sticking his beard and his pubes in his soup in public. Having sex with his potted plants (no joke - he says it).

Richard M Stallman is a nutter and a smarter society would have dealt with him years ago.

And then we have the wonderful likes of Margie Phelps of Westboro Baptist. She's more down to earth. She says she's going to picket Steve's funeral because he wasn't a freako like her and had the good sense to adopt an all-loving humanitarian outlook on life.

Margie and her sick cult belong in the same institution as RMS. Perhaps they'll have a lot to chat about.

Show some respect. The whole world is mourning the loss of Steve Jobs and feeling the pain they think he must have felt, feeling not so much the outrage as the total injustice. Steve Jobs is loved. Freaks like RMS and the wackos at WBC shouldn't be allowed to taint that.

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