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Those Math Geniuses at Twitter

Raising the bar.

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The Fail Whale. 'Something is technically wrong'. The confused mishmash interfaces. The year-long attempt to force users to adopt a new interface everyone agreed was hopeless. Outsourcing survey work to clueless companies who ask all the wrong questions. Getting nowhere at all but doing nothing at all - just sitting obstinately and waiting for people to upgrade because you know you've got the Golden Ratio™.

Thank goodness for Twitter. Otherwise you'd have to use Facebook.

But how seriously demented are the desperate 'developers' at Twitter anyway? Pretty demented. New evidence (actually not so new) shows they're even bad at things like arithmetic - at counting to 140.

Those ace Twitter dudes have their own URL shortener today. Nobody else can use it - just them.

They also have an alternative Twitter feed for mobile devices. You don't have to set up a separate account - they already have all your account details - but you do have to log in separately. Stroke of genius right there. And after that, things get even scarier. For they're not even using the same code base for the same functions! Genius.

But you'd think they could at least agree how to count characters? No way.

What's happening, Twitter, is that you're making utter fools of yourselves. Again.

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