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Sweden: The Soap Opera

Folks, this soap opera's for real!

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — More information is available on just how closely knit the various 'conspiracies' in rabid feminist Sweden can actually be. And so herewith - with a big H/T to Flashback as always, and like sands through the hourglass: the latest in the ongoing saga.

√ Bonnier's DN.se blasted with a headline today about a new survey of hospital staff in a clinic in Stockholm: 'Many believe abuse is the woman's fault'. This is supposedly a reflection on what staff at the biggest women's clinic in Scandinavia feel about such issues.

√ But the clinic in question is the biggest hotbed in radical feminism outside Eva Lundgren's and Anna Ardin's (and Göran Lindberg's) Uppsala. Could staff at this institution really be so sceptical of the people they're dedicated to helping?

√ The clinic in question is called 'AVK' - Akutmottagning för våldtagna kvinnor (ER for Raped Women). It replaced an earlier unit that had to be closed down because of scandals and telltale signs of endemic corruption.

√ It was none other than Thomas Bodström and Claes Borgström who pushed for the replacement clinic and put one Lotti Helström in charge.

√ Lotti Helström was outed earlier this year for fabricating fake rape certificates.

√ DN.se then began work on a major exposé of Helström. The research was completed but pressure on DN.se stopped the article series from being published.

√ It turns out that Bonnier legal adviser for both DN.se and Expressen is none other than Peter Danowsky, infamous for badgering witnesses in the trial of The Pirate Bay. And it turns out that Danowsky is married to (and living with) none other than Lotti Helström.

Follow so far?

√ Back to the survey. The survey was actually carried out two years ago. But was it the clinic 'AVK' that carried out the survey? Nope. The survey was commissioned to an organisation known as 'NCK' - Nationella centrum för kvinnofrid (National Centre for Women's Safety).

√ NCK are run by one Gun Heimer. She gets an outrageous salary for presiding over things.

√ Gun Heimer is married to Lars Nylén who was chief of police in Uppsala before taking over Kriminalvårdsstyrelsen (National Prison and Probation Administration).

√ Nylén brought up a brother in arms through the ranks in his years as chief of police: one Göran Lindberg - who later became an adviser on gender equality and sexual harassment to the national police directorate.

√ Lindberg was also a jurist just like Claes Borgström and so was qualified to understand what rape is. He also served as rector of the Swedish police academy, and served in Borgström's office of the ombudsman for equality.

√ All told Lindberg was indicted for one count of aggravated rape, three counts of rape, one count of attempted aggravated rape of a minor, and ten counts of procuring. He was shown to exhibit aggravated sadistic tendencies towards his victims and to have inflicted bodily harm.

√ Lindberg was not only a serial rapist - he also ran a bordello with underage girls on police premises.

√ It gets worse: Lindberg was also one of the most outspoken supporters of Swedish rabid feminism, often called to speak at feminist congresses etc.

√ It gets worse still: Lindberg was also convicted of raping a 14 year old child.

√ In yet another rape case, the victim could provide a partial licence plate number and Lindberg's DNA was found all over the place, yet the police closed the case because of 'lack of evidence'.

√ Lindberg was initially sentenced to 6.5 years in prison. He appealed. He got his sentence reduced to 6 years flat. Given Swedish procedures, he'll probably be out by the end of next year.

√ His old buddy Nylén who is now head of the prison system now comes into play and gets Lindberg put in a new 'happy holiday' prison/resort up the coast.

BREAKING: Sweden: The Movie

Representatives of the production companies behind Guiding Light, As the World Turns, The Bold and the Beautiful have all been in contact with the Swedish Film Institute and expressed an interest in turning the saga into a full length feature film.

Renowned daytime television star Joseph Tribbiani has expressed an interest in playing the role of Göran Lindberg.

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