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Thomas Bodström's 'Bodström Society'

Go ahead - try to make this up.

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LONDON/STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — Thomas Bodström is Sweden's former minister for justice. Bodström's known for having a world view that parallels that of current minister for justice Beatrice Ask and for challenging George W Bush for the most unique IQ in modern politics.

Perhaps one has to remind those two gentlemen that intelligence isn't a golf game - that you don't win by getting the lowest possible score?

Bodström was notorious in the previous social democrat government for coming up with some of the wackiest ideas ever. The term 'Bodström Society' was coined by the Swedish media as a way of describing the bizarre world Bodström advocated.

Bodström wanted more CCTV, gobs of data retention, and was the one who engineered the harassment of the Pirate Bay. He also sent those two unfortunate Egyptians on a not so pleasant journey to Mubarak's Egypt with CIA Tours International.

Only last week he was caught on tape at the Publicist Club declaring Jules Assange didn't risk being temporarily surrendered to the US from Sweden because there was no such agreement between the two countries - only to have researchers discover there was indeed such an agreement and it had been signed by his father.

There's a lot more to Thomas Bodström than the above, but it's beyond the scope of this article to cover it all. There's simply not enough server disk space for such an enterprise.

Bodström's not in cabinet any longer. His party got voted out in 2006. He went back into private practice thereafter. With a friend whose name most are familiar with at this point: Claes Borgström. Bodström had already moved to the US before the last national elections. His wife and family were already there. Evidently there was a bit of a rift in the marriage. Bodström agreed to move to the US to be with his wife (who is Swedish). There are constant rumours of an affair with a popular Swedish novelist currently ensconced in Barcelona, but that's not a matter to be discussed here either.

Bodström wanted to keep his seat in parliament despite the fact he wasn't going to be in the country. The party insisted he turn it over to someone who would actually attend. He finally relented.

Bodström @ Blogspot

'Bodström Society' is also the name of Thomas Bodström's blog. When attacked for his weird views and when the term 'Bodström Society' had been invented by the media, Bodström turned right around and opened an account at Blogspot.

He calls the blog the 'Bodström Society'.

Some of his posts are staggeringly classic (in a bad way) but his latest from 11 March might beat them all. Not much more need be said.

Fear for Sweden.

Surprises in London
Sunday 11 March 2012

I traveled to London with my 17yo son to see a musical, catch a football match, and have fun. I haven't had the greatest luck I should say. The theatre tickets to Singing in the Rain said 'RV' and it was only later we understood that to mean 'restricted view'. They should have said 'NV' if you know what I mean.

We were going to see the match between Arsenal and Newcastle but nothing came of it. The match was rescheduled for Monday. But my son is a true Arsenal fan and so he hates Chelsea, and he refused to go to that match instead. So we saw West Ham in the second division. They're in second place and they played to a tie against Doncaster who are second from the bottom in the same division. The man next to us at the match said it was West Ham's worst match of the year. And here I thought I knew something about football - but I'd never heard of Doncaster! Sounds like a food dish to me.

And it always bothers me I can't take a teenager to a British pub, even if they're only going to drink a coke.

It's like they're afraid to lose their dominant demographic of middle aged overweight men in their pubs.

But what can you expect of a country that's taken a year and a half already to rule on a procedural issue - namely in the case of Julian Assange which is about whether a Swedish prosecutor has correctly filled in a European Arrest Warrant application?

But we had fun anyway, despite all the unexpected surprises.

Topic for a coming 'Bodström Society' blog post: 'dealing with expected surprises'.

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