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New iPad Too Hot to Hold

As the criticism.

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CUPERTINO (Rixstep) — Tim Cook forgot to mention it. He presented the brand new iPad and told the audience all about the new features but he omitted the part about the heat.

Then Apple store staff were briefed on the issue and instructed to rebuff customers with the classic Apple mantra 'works as designed'.

All in all a good show for the world's premier gadget maker.

Major Headlnes

Right in the midst of world news about new atrocities and government usurping democratic rights comes the tale of how the new generation of Apple's revolutionary handheld device can't take the heat.

Apple discussion boards are alight with complaints and horror stories about how they're treated when taking their expensive gizmos back to the place of purchase.

Fanboys to the Rescue!

Then we have the fanboy sites that want to ignore what's happening or in the worst of all possible cases offer 'workarounds'. One of the best seen to far is the suggestion to dim the brilliant new retina display. You can't see much that way, you certainly can't reap the benefits of all that new technology, but at least the 'iDud' as it's being called doesn't get too hot to hold.

The iPad is a handheld device. It's meant to be held. If it's too hot to hold then one has a design flaw and one goes back to the drawing boards to fix it. Period.

Last But Not Least: Middle School Maths

Last but certainly not least we have the high priest of Mac nerdery: Gruber himself. Who finally manages to stuff both feet in it totally completely and irrevocably.

Never one to defend the customer but prepared to at any cost defend the corporation, John Gruber launches into a silly attack against complainers that might go to history.

Taking issue with a lab test that showed an 18% increase in temperature over the previous model, Gruber points out that the lab used the universal Celsius standard instead of deprecated Fahrenheit.

Gruber calls it 'a crap headline' giving 'crap headlines a bad name'.

You get a higher percentage if you calculate in Celsius, notes the Fireball who now loses his grip.

'If you really want to do a percentage based comparison you need to convert to an absolute temperature scale like Kelvin which shows you that it's actually a 1.8% increase.'

So Gruber suggests compromising with Fahrenheit - 'to maximise the sensational impact while still being technically true'.

Tim Cook says the cheque's in the mail. Another crisis averted. Drink the Kool-Aid, fanboy.

The new iPad delivers a stunning Retina display, A5X chip, support for 4G LTE plus 10 hours of battery life, all while operating well within our thermal specifications. If customers have any concerns they should contact AppleCare.
 - Apple response to iPad customer complaints

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