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Daniel Persson SvD

He'll try again tomorrow, folks!

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DUCKPOND (Rixstep) — Daniel Persson writes for the Swedish morning daily SvD. Or appears to at any rate. Daniel responded today to the first episode of Julian Assange's interview series The World Tomorrow.

Surely the world expected vitriol in the wake of the first episode, but Daniel Persson gets to walk away with the prize for the dumbest review of anything ever.

Of course he didn't like the show! How could he! But he also admits he couldn't actually listen to it because he forgot his headphones.

Here's Daniel's entire 'op-ed' in all its glory.

'Because I forgot my headphones I have no clue about the show yet. But I'll take care of that tomorrow.'

Too bad for Daniel. The World Tomorrow is being transmitted twelve times over this twenty four hour period but Daniel's probably clueless about that as well. And it's going to cost him €2.49 for 72 hour access after that. Send the bill to Schibsted.

Daniel's rhetoric - for someone who forgot his headphones - is surprisingly caustic, especially coming from the otherwise sophisticated SvD. He calls Assange the 'paranoid uncle', he calls RT 'government controlled', he suggests both Assange and RT have a lack of sympathy for the 'west' (or perhaps both suffer from Messiah complexes) and opines it might be Russian revenge for the support for democracy flowing into the country. And ends with the Swedish equivalent of 'thank you so fucking much'.

He also jokes that an interview with Hassan Nasrallah has to be rated high on the 'cozy scale'.

The world will wait with bated breath for Daniel Persson to actually listen to The World Tomorrow tomorrow. Drop him a line and remind him to not forget his headphones.

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