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FOLSOM STREET SUITE 600 SAN FRANCISCO (Rixstep) — No one's ever going to accuse the Twitter designers of being overly brilliant. Unless it's their greybeard Ruby programmers.

Everyone surely remembers how their Twitter 2.0 ('NewTwitter') suffered an agonising birth for over a year because it was so bad and no one liked it. They surely remember how Twitter outsourced repeated surveys to a company who had less clue than they had.

And they remember the more and more insistent threats that 'you'd better switch to the new Twitter soon because we're gonna make you switch!'

At which point a lot of intelligent people simply started using the mobile interface instead.

Then without forewarning and without a 'beta programme' Twitter escalated Twitter 2.0 to Twitter 3.0, a monster of a CPU guzzler that looked more like the cockpit of Darth Vader's star destroyer.

But people were happy because they could still seek refuge in mobile Twitter.

Mobile Twitter 2.0

But then the geniuses struck again.

Gone are the days when all that guzzling JavaScript could help you tweet. When you could see dynamically how many of the 140 you had left. When your 'tweet' button became disabled when you went over the limit.

The Twits have struck again.

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