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Whistleblower Warning: Radioleaks

Some things are pathetic and shameless. Others are still worse.

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STOCKHOLM/DUCKPOND (Rixstep) — After doing their damnedest best the past two years to dismiss the impact of WikiLeaks and to totally defame the character of Julian Assange, the state owned (and state run) Swedish national radio corporation have now co-opted the WikiLeaks idea of 'secure anonymous submissions'. Sort of. But their attempt makes even Rupert Murdoch look like a senior systems analyst and PhD in cryptology.

What's worse still is they co-opted an uninformed Annie Machon to help them do their bidding.

No shame left in the Duckpond? Probably not.

'Välkommen till Radioleaks'

'Welcome to Radioleaks', blasts the website of Swedish state radio. 'A service that makes it possible to digitally submit sensitive information in a secure manner.'

'Radioleaks is for our listeners and readers, citizens, the people we here at Swedish state radio work for. You can use Radioleaks to - digitally and in encrypted form - deliver information to our reporters.'

Gee thanks guys. Except you'd have to be a fool to trust them with anything. Check it out - in English too.

The entire page is duplicated below as it's likely they'll be so embarrassed they'll be forced take it down.

Just a few pointers as most of it is bleeding obvious.

  • SSH (HTTPS) does not 'secure' make.
  • There are no requirements for Tor. You are not anonymous.
  • 'Max 3 files' to upload is not only amateurish, it's downright stupid.
  • Radioleaks is financed by taxpayer money. They get the money even if they do a crappy job.
  • 'Contact details'? They want you to identify yourself? Hallo?
  • And why? 'For us to be able to follow up on your tip'? They. Gotta. Be. Kidding.
  • The cornerstone of WikiLeaks isn't just anonymity - it's scientific journalism. Based on studying documents and not sources. Kristinn and Ingi didn't travel to Baghdad to check out a source. They went there to corroborate the Collateral Murder video clip itself.

The Radioleaks people are hopelessly clueless. Whistleblowers should under no circumstances even consider submitting sensitive documents to such clowns.

Kidnapping Annie

Perhaps even more reprehensible is how they ambushed Annie Machon, herself a whistleblower, after a talk she gave in Malmö recently. They never told her how they intended to use the interview.

But they headline her at Radioleaks today right at the top of the page, making it look like she somehow endorses their Radioleaks. (She doesn't. She's a staunch supporter of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.)

And worse still is the title they give to her interview: 'remember you're never completely safe'. As if submission systems like Radioleaks of course have glaring deficiencies and you, sucka, are just going to have to live with it.

The One, The Other, or Both?

There's an old saying about never attributing to malice that which can be explained by stupidity. But isn't it possible they make great bedmates?

Considering what's known today about the corruption in Sweden, the corruption of current prime minister Fredrick Reinfeldt, the corruption (and ignorance) of minister for justice Beatrice Ask, the medium size dog Cheney-like corruption of minister for foreign affairs Carl Bildt who's most likely spent more time and done more than anyone to destroy the country, and above all the reprehensible way they've treated Julian Assange: do you really think you can trust them?

I pity the fool.
 - Bosco Albert Baracus
Swedish Radio will never give up your identity to anyone.
 - Radioleaks website

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