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FOLSOM STREET, SAN FRANCISCO (Rixstep) — It was inevitable. As right as rain. Most of Twitter came crashing down today. It came crashing down so hard that the engineers couldn't even get out the alert telling people the obvious. (See below.)

Nigel Slipped

This was followed shortly by another showstopper when they told the world they'd been able to determine that the outage was due to a 'technical error'.

It's at moments like those that millions of Twitter users everywhere long for the return of the mythical Nigel. Throwing the wrong switch is far better than what the clowns at Twitter have in mind.

Return of the DMs!

This embarrassment was of course quickly surpassed when Twitter users discovered thousands of their deleted DMs began reappearing again. Those DMs were supposed to have been deleted, and had in fact disappeared from user accounts, but of course it turns out the Twitter clowns have been hanging onto them anyway, presumably because they might contain valuable data for marketing companies and government agencies.

Yet one has to wonder if anything is private anymore, and to what extent Twitter will go to invade privacy.

Deleted Twitter DMs dating back at least to the beginning of the year 2012 have been reported to this site.

So hey Twitter dudes? The next time you create a startup? Hire on better management, better system designers, and above all better programmers. And don't forget the whole world can see your dirty secrets if your systems crash.

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