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'You may choose to reply to the sender or to ignore the message.'

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This is a forwarded message from contactprivacy.com.

Your personal information for rixstep.com is being protected by a private domain registration. Someone has visited contactprivacy.com in order to contact you.

The attachment contains their message.

We recommend that you review the message as it may pertain to your domain name. You may choose to reply to the sender or to ignore the message.

Thank you,

Hello Laetitia,

And thank you for writing to Rixstep. And how inventive of you to not use our dedicated contact page but communicate through our ICANN registrar. Kudos! Other people would just have used the form on the page mentioned.

And thank you for the compliments. Such as the Rixstep site having 'crucial and smart comments'.

But we were unaware that you were visiting our site and that shop talk between professionals might have left you slightly bewildered. We were in no way trying to offend you of course. We didn't know before now that you even existed!

The epithet 'nerd' is not a nice one, Laetitia. None of us are 'nerds' - we're 'professionals'. And our website, as our software, is written for the same group. A group we belong to. And yes, that's the way professionals talk with one another. We don't have a special site for 'Mac girls' nor have we yet discussed making one. But we'll let you know when and if we do!

Two of the Rixstep staff are 'Mac girls' too, Laetitia, with many 'Mac user girlfriends'. Only one has professional IT skills and both know how to use Apple's built-in spell checker.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: [address withheld without request]
Subject: your nerd language makes many of your outstanding recos useless for anyone but nerds


your website rixstep has countless crucial and smart comments and instruction for mac users.

its practical value for any normal mac user outside of code nerd territory is however let down badly by your insistance on playing john wayne of code talker 'cool' language macho.

to give an example:

your important article 'Flashback: What Do You Do When It Strikes Again? ' is certainly of prime importance for any mac user but honestly, how many of them will understand anything you wrote on from line 'Drill down into the bundle of each browser. Check the graphic below. ...... ?

i doubt anyone outside of your code nerd circles will.

you seem to be talking and writing for yourself.

so what good is it for besides showing off what a smart guy your are ?

you could be of huge value to all of us mac users but you always need to make bad by playing the cool elite code language slinger.

too bad.

people who ruin their brilliance but such communication iliteracy and such a need to show off or by such a lack of congnitive clarity with regards to their own incestious language entrapments are simply tragic.

and certainly anything but 'cool'

at least with anyone but equally socially incapable nerds.

someone had to tell you and yes

its a girl...

with many mac user girlfriends


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