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David Pogue's Hidden Other

And he's only the tip of the dodoberg.

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MENLO PARK/NEW YORK (Rixstep) — People are aware that the more technical aspects of David Pogue's books are written by an 'other', so not a lot is expected by the immaculately groomed NY Times writer. But this is really overreaching - and for several reasons.

David Pogue claims to have found a 'hidden' folder on Facebook, a folder aptly called 'other', and the worst of it is, aside from the fact that major news site real estate can be wasted on such a thing, that so many Facebook users agreed with him and thanked him for his startling discovery.

Let's forget for a moment that the revelations of Edward Snowden should put the final nail in the coffin for this social site tailored for the ultimate losers. And that the Pogueman should be cautioning people against use of the site instead of what he's doing now. Yes let's leave that aside.

But David Pogue, despite the claim of a 'hidden' folder being patently false, keeps hyping it as such. Over and over again. Through a succession of articles. When in fact nothing is hidden at all. Ad revenues down, David?

The Alarm

David Pogue 'blogged' at the NY Times last Thursday on 'Two Tips for Facebook Users', and he actually showed what a sham he was going to perpetrate in an early screenshot, but none of his fans caught on.

Pogue blogs:

A couple of weeks ago, one of my Facebook friends posted an alarming note. He had discovered a secret folder full of Facebook messages that he'd never seen, called Other.

So if it was secret then how did he find it? An Easter egg? A sophisticated combination of keystrokes and mouse clicks? Exactly how was it hidden?

He was shocked to find that it contained important messages from important friends, going back years, with long-since expired offers and condolences and congratulations. He urged his friends to inspect their own Other folders.

It's terrible when Facebook users are shocked. Ruins things for the whole day!

This even got picked up by the Mail Online who obviously thought it could get real estate as the Kate story waited.

But David 'Pogueman' Pogue, who insists he'd never seen this secret folder before, was almost literally thrown to the floor in his upscale mansion when he finally found it and opened it.

BTW how did your friend communicate the secret method for opening this secret folder, David? Did he use AES256 encryption to send it to you? Just asking!

No matter: David reveals all. Sooner or later.

What Pogue's Readers Found

Here are some of the 'thank you' messages David Pogue received for sharing his startling discovery with humanity.

Shoot, I just discovered I had won a contest for Knicks tickets, but the message was in that 'Other' folder. It was from 2011. Grrrr!

Damn, I discovered that a year ago, I won free tickets to the theater and I never knew.

Just looked at my 'Other' messages and found one about a job opening - in 2011. Think it's been filled?

Whoa! There's tons of important messages in here. Former students of mine were trying to reach out to me. I can't believe Facebook doesn't notify you in any way about these.

Just found a message from a long-lost friend in my 'Other' folder. I'd been trying to find her for more than a decade with no success. David Pogue, when she and I finally reunite, our first glass will be raised to you!

I reconnected with an old penpal who I haven't heard from in 15 years thanks to your tip on the 'Other' folder!

Just discovered my Other folder! Missed an amazing party (damn!) and found a ton of messages dating back several years!! How the hell did that happen?! I am a savvy social media user and I'm astonished at this!

Whoa. I had 58 messages there, one being an invitation to a bridal shower.

Here's what you guys do.

  1. Look for the 'power down' button on your computer. Push it. Hold it down a long time.
  2. Find the cable from your router and follow it to your mains outlet. Pull it out.

Revealed At Last!!1!

Here at last are the screenshots of David Pogue's 'hidden' (he keeps saying it's hidden) folder.


This is part of the messages screen at Facebook. There's a search box at the top, then right below it says 'Inbox' and then 'Other'. So hidden!


Here's the same screenshot again with arrows and ovals just in case any of you cool Facebook users missed it. That's the 'hidden' 'folder'.


Here's what happens when you click on 'Other'. Note the links 'Inbox' and 'Other' switch colours. Rocket science.

Stupidity should be painful.
 - Dali Rău

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