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The WikiLeaks Submission System

There it is, folks.

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TINSELTOWN (Rixstep) — There it is, folks. At precisely 1:20 in the new ultra fantastic trailer for the DreamWorks production of THE FIFTH ESTATE.

The WikiLeaks submission system.

People ALL OVER THE WORLD have been curious what it looked like. Now, thanks to STEVEN SPIELBERG and director BILL CONDON, with assistance from DANIEL DOMSCHEIT-BERG and DAVID LEIGH, we know.

It looks like that.

Obviously Bill Condon and writer Josh Singer join the pantheon of MENTAL MIDGETS who comment on the 'Transparency Age'. Along with senior members Domscheit-Berg and Leigh of course.

Rows upon rows of drab green desks. Boxes of paper submissions magically transformed from their digital counterparts. And in the midst, a Daniel Domscheit-Berg who's gone berserk again, attacking something, perhaps a desk, with a blunt object. Another act of rage by the Leberkäse Kid.

Many viewers will assume this is digital wizardry, but no. At the very last minute, Julian Assange granted Condon access to the super-secret submission system, at its super-secret location, and Daniel Brühl was called in to reenact the acts of sabotage his real life counterpart committed against the whistleblower platform.

Screenwriter Josh Singer, coming off successes when helping to write a few episodes of West Wing a decade ago, peppering his screenplay with magnificent directions such as 'HE'S FUCKING MAGNETIC' and 'THEY'RE FUCKING STUNNED', evidently had a hard time figuring out how onion routers and cryptography really work.

No one's had any difficulty understanding things until now. It's always the latecomers, isn't it?

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