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iOS7 Makes People Physically Sick

An Apple first.

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CUPERTINO (Rixstep) — Apple's new iOS7 makes people physically sick.

Yes it's true.

Were this only a joke, but it's not. The Apple discussion at time of writing was at 34 pages.


Pundits however expect Apple to do - nothing.

Change of Guard

Many are the voices that claim this would never have happened under Steve Jobs' watch. Others question the wisdom of putting a respected hardware design guru in charge of software development, all the while the engineer thought to be most in line with the thinking of Jobs has been put in Siberia with a view of the tundras beyond.

To make matters even peachier, Rob Enderle entered the fray. The ever lovable Rob claims that Apple never use beta tests, so bloopers like iOS7's easily seep through.


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