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What a difference a day makes

'Things took a different turn.'

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Day One: 4 February 2016


From: Elisabeth Fritz [mailto:elisabeth.fritz@advokatfritz.com]
Sent: 4 February 2016 07:?8
To: Ny Marianne 
Subject: Assange

Is there any new information in the case?
Elisabeth M Fritz

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From: Thomson, Gerald [mailto:Gerald.Thomson@DFAT.gov.au]
Sent: 4 February 2016 10:43
To: Ny Marianne 
Copy: Arley, Cathy <Cathy.Arley@DFAT.gov.au>
Ämne: Latest news [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]


Kära Marianne (Dear Marianne)

En hypotetisk fråga: (A hypothetical question:)

If Mr Assange were to hand himself over to the UK police tomorrow or on the weekend, how long do you think it would take before he was in Sweden - would it be a matter of a day or two or more like a week or two before the legal UK-Sweden bilateral processes were implemented?


Day Two: 8 February 2016


From: Ny Marianne
Sent: 8 February 2016 09:28
To: 'Thomson, Gerald'
Copy: Arley, Cathy
Subject: SV: Latest news [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]


Things took a different turn. We'll keep working to try to arrange an interview in London. I can't tell what chances we have now to get permission.



From: Ny Marianne
Sent: 8 February 2016 09:37
To: 'Elisabeth Fritz'
Copy: Isgren Ingrid (Ingrid.Isgren@aklagare.se)
Subject: SV: Assange


We're going to continue working to arrange an interview in London. If we get permission, an Ecuadorean prosecutor will ask the questions we send beforehand to Ecuador's Prosecutor-general. As to whether the defence will request a new hearing in the detention matter after the Working Group verdict? I don't know.
Marianne Ny

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