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Sweden: Land of the Blackout

It's despicable.

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DUCKBURG (Rixstep) — Sweden used to be famous for visionaries and for visionary social planning.

No more.

#DNCLeak? #Demexit? The Swedes know nothing about it. At least not from their own media. So why not? Not because it's a matter of weak coverage - it's a matter of NO coverage.


40 major news sites, an additional 130 minor news sites, a grand total of 170 (ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY) news sites, and not a single mention? Not one? How can that be?

It can be because there is no way to airbrush Julian Assange out of the story.

That's it.

The Snowden Mystery!

Sweden was so keen to give Edward Snowden an award. They love giving awards to beloved brave people. It makes them look better themselves and makes them feel more superior about themselves too - an important part of the cultural mindset.

Carl Bildt didn't like Snowden's award, so he stopped people from using their customary venue. Then came the elections and Carl Bildt was out on his big ears, and the award could be awarded in the same place after all.

Except Julian Assange was airbrushed out of the story. Not only at the ceremonies, in the media as well. What's worse: they airbrushed Sarah Harrison out too. And everybody knows Snowden wouldn't have been available - maybe wouldn't have been alive - for an award were it not for Sarah. But she couldn't be mentioned either. And why not? Because she worked for WikiLeaks, and that leads the narrative back to Assange.

As with the Donbass refugee crisis, which Swedish media have not recognised to this day, Swedes are left scratching their heads, trying to figure things out. They're not told. Swedish media aren't telling them.

Snowden, Donbass, now the crisis in Hillary's campaign headquarters: these things never happen in Sweden. They might happen in other Scandinavian countries, but they don't make it across the border. Is this a successful tactic? No matter - it's used, and it's used time and again when the truth threatens to shatter the lies of the Bonnier and Schibsted Duckpond media.

So do the Swedes know anything about Debbie Wasserman Schultz? Depends. Swedish media have ONE article.


Note that the article, and the voice-over, do not mention WikiLeaks a single time.

The article says only that Russia is behind it all.

Perhaps mention of WikiLeaks was there but not seen? Search the page.


The article talks about a 'hack' as if everyone knows what it's all about, but no explanation is ever given. Simon Frid, the Expressen orc who wrote that piece of crap, must have worked hard and long to find a way to cover the story without actually covering the story.

Are you, dear reader, getting the feeling that living in the Sweden of today can be a little CREEPY?

There's even a photo of protesters holding up signs with 'E-MAILS' on them. But there's no mention of email anywhere. Search the page again. Search for 'e-post' (Swedish for 'email'). Nada.

It gets worse. Expressen link to an article of their own that reports on Bernie Sanders being booed when he endorses Hillary Clinton. No explanation is given.

'Oh they're just pissy because their candidate didn't win', readers will think. 'That happens all the time, even though this weird Bernie crowd seem unduly unruly!'


And note that this piece too is written by unsung hero Simon Frid. Simon must be in high demand.

Not a single mention. Not a single mention of WHY the Berners were pissed, furious, outraged.

Not a word. Not. A. Word.

And again: why?

Because to mention the DNCLeak would mean they had to explain where the leak came from, and that would make WikiLeaks look significant and important and even beloved, and that would mean that Assange would have to be mentioned too. And the Swedish media have long ago understood that they're expected to keep Assange out of the news. Assange is irrelevant, they tell readers. WikiLeaks too. No news there for years. WikiLeaks? Do they still exist?

It's moronic. It's collectively psychotic. And what's worse: it's downright dangerous. And yes, it's very Swedish.

In no other country is the situation this dire. Nowhere else.


And so what are Swedes told about Hillary? Aren't you a feminist? Hillary must win! Because she's a WOMAN!

The following is no joke. It was actually published two days ago. Read it first, if you will, but then ring your travel agent straight away and cancel that trip to Dalecarlia.

We will have a woman - BECAUSE she's a woman!

I didn't agree with the following until a few weeks ago:

- We can't have a female leader just because she's a woman.

But guess what! Yes we can! FUCK, YES, WE CAN!

We can have a woman SIMPLY because she's a woman.


And what does that mean, ONLY a woman? Thousands upon thousands of men are leaders only because they're men!

Just try this thought experiment: 'would he have been a leader if he were a woman?'

The answer's always: 'NO!'

The answer's alway been 'NO!' The answer's still 'NO!'

Would HITLER have risen to power if he were a woman? NO! A female Hitler would have been a cat-hating vegetarian social outcast and a cruel spouse.

Would Stefan Löfven have been our prime minister if he was a woman?



So my four children sat in the TV sofa watching 'The Sparticle Mystery' on public service - it's about a world where all adults DISAPPEAR, but that's all I know because I'm busy playing Quiz Game on my mobile.

Evidently there's a very small boy with an annoying appearance who's gone and become king, and now he's threatening to drop everyone into acid vats!

My most politically aware offspring can't stand it.

'He's a little SHIT! Why don't the bigger children just grab him and toss him over the cliff?' Then my offspring starts tossing raisins at our television set.

I tell him:

'Men with power are often small shits. Don't you think there were people bigger than Hitler and Mussolini?'

Yesterday my eight year old found two sketches his thirteen year old sister had drawn. One was of a sad defeated Trump, the other of a Hillary crying tears of joy.

'Why is it a bad thing if Trump gets elected?' he asked.

I told him:

'Well to start with, he's a VERY HATEFUL person.' I chose not to talk about walls and immigrants. Instead I reminded him that the United States had not had a female president for 240 years.

His sister entered the kitchen.

'But we in Sweden never had a woman PM!'

My son smiles with empty eyes. He can't understand why this is a problem!


That night I thought about how I was going to make him understand his male privilege, and how I would be able to connect that to HILLARY CLINTON. But I can't! It's too abstract, too far-fetched!

So when I woke, I KNEW there's only one solution: HILLARY CLINTON HAS TO WIN THE ELECTION!

And women everywhere will step forward and assume positions of power!

I cannot make him understand that the lack of women in power is a bad thing. I have to show him that having women in power is an OBVIOUS thing. And so Hillary must be the first.


Stop treating Sweden like it's the fantastic utopia it used to be. Today it's full of fucking idiots.

And what's with that studiously hypnotic voice-over they always use? Are they trying to put their readers to sleep? Sweden can't shock or surprise anymore.

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