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Nasty Nick Sucks Hillary's Teat

She's got a sort of drink ready, Nick. Party time.

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Some sites simply have an agenda. Daily Beast is one. Some sites hire particularly thick sprinters. Nick Schager is one.

Imagine Nick's mirth when he gets to Laura Poitras and her inexplicable and unfathomable re-edit of RISK. He must have wet himself. Multiple times.

But let's leave Nick's perversion aside. Let's concentrate instead on his journalistic excellence, or lack thereof.


The woman who founded a lesbian nightclub is Anna Ardin. She and her friends - including Irmeli Krans, who first interrogated Sofia Wilén - merely leased an existing nightclub on a regular basis. And yes, they're freaks. Witnesses at Ardin's crayfish party in honour of Assange will testify to that.

But the club isn't in Gothenburg/Göteborg, Nick. It's on GOTLAND. Gotland is an island, Nick. Off the east coast of a country called Sweden. That's in SCANDINAVIA. The west coast of Sweden - several hundred miles away - has a city called Göteborg - or GOTHENBURG to you yokels. The two are not connected.

As for Ardin being an untrustworthy liar: look only at how she faked condom evidence. That should be enough. But if you want, look further: look how she railroaded Assange into her bed, took photos of him naked there as he slept, boasted over and over of having fucked him, even as she cooly said he was a particularly bad 'lay', talk about how she literally offered him to her best friend Kajsa for the night (yes).

Start there, Nick.

Assange's assessment of the threat against him is not entirely correct, but he's just talking to someone and not publishing as Nick. The social democrats are involved - through the 'Brotherhood' that invited Assange to Sweden. And Ardin worked for them, which is how she got involved. So far so good.

Was it a stereotype? Most definitely. Swedish radfems rely on stereotypes, as they're constantly short on facts. Radfems are big business in Sweden. Nick wouldn't know that - Nick knows little.

And yes, Ardin's in that 'circle' - read the police docs, Nick.

What Assange said to Kennedy was NOT vitriol. The radfems got exclusive rights on vitriol. What he said to her was simply the truth. If you're going to accuse Assange of anything, then accuse him of not fucking knowing what happened to that worker's paradise - but then again, few had noticed, or taken the growing cloud cover seriously.

And if it's not a 'thoroughly tawdry, radical, feminist political positioning thing', then what, Nick, can you call reopening a case that's already been closed and then doing NOTHING for SEVEN FUCKING YEARS?

Are you totally clueless, Nick? Or just a wanker that's too well paid?

And sorry Nick, but saying that pervert Gibney's ridiculous cinematic trash had 'thoroughness or momentum' shows what a tosser you are. Get laid much, Nick? If so, few people would want to meet the 'ladies' you get between the sheets. Airheads are neither thorough nor have momentum.

You just don't get it, Nick. You don't, do you? This is not about Assange, and never has been. Not to him. This is about changing the world. The world of human civilisation. About taking the opportunity when technologies converge to bring truth to the social order. That's it.

Assange is very abstract, Nick, but someone with your discardable IQ wouldn't see that. He's very fucking abstract, and this is about taking on ALL the powers that be ALL ALONE - and WINNING, time and again.

'As well as complicit in helping the Russian government...'

So you're a Clintonite, Nick. You suck at Hillary's dry teat. Good to know.

'Jacob Appelbaum (who founded the anonymous web-browsing Tor Project)'

CO-founded, Nick. Roger Dingeldine is the main name. Tor is an old US Navy project. All you had to do is consult Wikipedia, you hopeless jackass.


'And his amoral stance regarding the Russian-hacking scandal...'

WUT? What stance, Nick? You need to consult with Hillary.

'All phony façade, little substance'


Collateral Murder
Afghan War Diaries
Iraq War Logs
Stratfor Files
Syria Files

And so on and so on and so on. Little substance?

Run to Hillary, Nick. She's got a drink ready. Your favourite. Dry teat.

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