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Who's going to want to help #45?

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The thing about the Donald during the election campaign was that he seemed to be talking off the cuff, not the calculated way of an Obama or a Clinton. And that was refreshing. You might not agree with everything he said, but it was at least him, or appeared to be. Obama read from a teleprompter and was the most boring thing in the world, after Hillary the Husk of course.

Trump was one battering ram of several. All to some extent anti-establishment, all ready to some extent to, as the Donald put it, 'drain the swamp'. Washington DC is one of the most corrupt places in the world, edging out even Brussels.

The Donald had Flynn and Bannon, and that made people happy. His inauguration speech, the inspiration for which was largely credited to Bannon, made big waves amongst those intelligent enough to understand. With several former potuses sitting behind him, he went on, in so many words, to condemn them and what they'd done, and what they represent. People also noted how one of those potuses demonstrably did not applaud at one point.

But now Bannon is gone, and Flynn too, and the excuse for booting Flynn was weak at best. And in their stead: deep state brass of all sorts of feather and fake.

And then came Syria.

Nine people have perished in that extrajudicial act, which defied all senses of justice and right. Nine lives - which the Donald shall have on his conscience every day, and every night when his head hits the pillow, for as long as he lives. There is no way to get around that. Psychopaths can do it, but the Donald was one of several who was supposed to be 'real people'.

The Donald doesn't seem to be 'real people' anymore. The lights are still on at 1600, but no one's in. Either the Donald fooled everyone all along - can of course be true - or he's been totally owned by the 'deep state'. Julian Assange - or was it WikiLeaks - commented sardonically that we all now know how long it takes for the deep state to devour a POTUS.

One thinks immediately of Anthony Jay and Jonathan Lynn and their masterpiece series 'Yes Minister' and 'Yes Prime Minister' which outline, over and over again and in excruciating and hilarious detail, exactly how the establishment - in this case, the British civil service - can make mince of idiot politicians who think they are actually going to save the world. For half an hour at a time, they show how the fools are made to change directions by a full 180 degrees - and truly believe it's what they really wanted all along.

Things are the same on Pennsylvania Avenue, but much more macabre and diabolical. The lives already lost in Syria are, sad to say, only drops in a sea of blood. The Donald lived all alone there, told reporters that he made up for the loneliness by working more. They came at him from all angles. The congress, the media, the hysterical demonstrations - he was in for a full-scale frontal attack. Is it any wonder that he finally cracked?

That's at least one theory. But if it be true, and if the Donald truly believes he's called off the hounds, he's sorely mistaken. For unless he becomes another Hillary in word and deed - and perhaps even then - they'll keep on the attack. He's not part of their coterie - not officially, at any rate - and they'll want him gone.

Whether it's the Donald, or Jill Stein, or shooting star Tulsi Gabbard, matters not as much for the people of that country and the people of the world as it not being another warmonger like Obama or Hillary. The world's had enough of that - enough warfare, waste on military bullshit, US bases in over 3/4 of the countries on the globe, maniacal fleets patrolling every sea and ocean rim - we've fucking had enough.

The Donald beat Hillary for several reasons. He played for the electoral college vote and not the popular vote. Hillary tripped up. One remembers how her team flubbed a comfortable lead against Obama early on in 2008. Same thing again. The Donald got the vote in the rust belt. He visited states that Hillary totally ignored.

The Donald was an outsider. He paid for his own campaign, at least several hundred million. He wasn't playing the game in the swamp, and even promised he'd drain the swamp. He owed no no one, and so hopefully couldn't be blackmailed or coerced.

And so forth.

Then there were the absolutely outrageous scandals of Hillary's egregiously stupid MS Outlook mail server running MS Windows - and her arrogant prevarications when she got caught out. Time and again. Some good soul - perhaps deceased as a result - turned over valuable information to Julian Assange's WikiLeaks.

This was followed by the Podesta email dump. And, as we all should remember today, this resulted in not less than five (5) members of the DNC being forced to resign, right before the 'coronation'. The head of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, was already pegged to run Hillary's campaign down the home stretch, made possible by long ago promising a cosy chair to one Tim Kaine who needed to vacate that slot for Debbie.

Bernie Sanders followers were outraged. Hillary and the DNC shoved white noise at them during the convention, and kept their seats in darkness. Free speech versus silence.

Yes, the Donald loved WikiLeaks - and why shouldn't he? But where is the Donald now? And what happens next time he's under threat? With the likes of Pompeo going after WikiLeaks? Who's going to want to help #45?

No one.

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