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Morgan Johansson, Sweden of Today™

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DUCKBURG (Rixstep) — It doesn't get better than this. DW's 'Conflict Zone' interview with Morgan Johansson, the social democrat in charge of Sweden's domestic affairs. The words 'social democrat' finally give a bad aftertaste to everyone.

Considering the fools now in charge are not just social democrats, but come from all parties, it becomes apparent that the issue isn't right versus left but 'political class' versus 'salt of the earth'.

Today's politicians (at least in Sweden) are professional politicians, with little or no experience in the work place, or in the world at large for that matter. They just make shit up as they go along. They're all too happy to take power from other worthless useless idiots, especially with all the perks they've granted themselves.

They're guaranteed to never have to do an honest day's work for the rest of their lives, far above the income level of the people they purport to serve.

But it'd seem they're still vulnerable to embarrassment of being made into global jokes by a seemingly innocuous reporter.

This is Sweden of Today™ - coming soon to a country near you. Perhaps your own?

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