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#GoogleManifesto in a Nutshell

The operative word is 'nut'.

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MOUNTAIN VIEW (Rixstep) — Google will never be the same. And that's what's scaring a lot of people. Or would you buy your used car from this 'person'?

Four videos. As Google own YouTube, hope they're still up by the time you get here.

1. Paul Joseph Watson

Perhaps the most vociferous, and certainly a good speaker. But not everyone will agree this is about ideology - some might actually insist it's about getting rid of ideology.

2. Jordan Peterson

Jordan's a professor from Toronto. Here with James Damore, the chap at the centre of #GoogleManifesto.

3. Stefan Molyneux

Wordy but thorough. Half an hour with James Damore.

4. 'Vee'

Finally: a Rumanian with 20/20 vision. It's now you'll find out why there was such a stir.

There. Now you know everything about #GoogleManifesto.

Would you still trust them with your personal data? Your search history?

(Try http://duckduckgo.com if you're unsure.)

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