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Save the children of Medborgarplatsen

They're reconvening in New Haven. Yossarian's gone missing.

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — They came a treacherous journey. All the way from Iran Afghanistan. Those poor frightened unaccompanied minors, some only 16 years old, and they somehow made it to the country they've always loved. And now?

The photos on this page are all from Sweden's mainstream media. They're published so you can see how young they are, so you can look into their faces, into their eyes, and find real compassion somewhere in your souls.

They're frightened children. They've traveled all the way on their own, mostly, with no help or protection from adults, bypassing every port of call and minor temptation along the way, so desperate they've been to get to the country they truly love.

Yes it's true, one is supposed to apply for asylum immediately one enters Schengen, and not galavant around the continent, but these are exceptional circumstances, as everyone knows (or should know). These boys know it, and they're hoping you'll know it too.

Open your hearts. Look into those faces. Those frightened eyes. Those poor frightened young boys. (Photos of the girls are on their way from Finland.)

Someone must take care of those poor boys. Politicians from all over the country have visited them there at Medborgarplatsen - and not for photo opportunities as a few ultra-right-wing-xenophobic-fascist-Nazi pigs claim, but for the chance to show real compassion.

There's been a lot of irresponsible talk in Sweden of late, because young boys with a similar background have attacked women and children in public bathhouses, in parks, at music festivals, have raped and murdered. Things really got out of hand when the Daily Mail published photographs from a court trial. The photographs made it look like the defendant was perhaps in his thirties already. Luckily the government of Sweden intervened, and blocked access to the Daily Mail so Swedes couldn't be duped by the vicious lies.

(And for the record: grey hair does not necessarily mean one is older than eighteen. So nice try, try again.)

There are those who want to speak bad about Sweden, now in these times of exciting challenges, now when the current government must do all they can to avert catastrophes they know don't really exist anyway.

There will be those who start wondering if all is right in the Kingdom of Sweden, but they needn't worry. The cabinet are hard at work, even today, as there's a malicious rumour spreading that they somehow managed to give away all the nation's military secrets to a foreign power. But it's a lie - the Prime Minister knew nothing.

Many wonderful women of a mature age have already taken some of those boys into their homes and hearts. The boys need human compassion, human touch.

It's time that people stopped picking apart their stories. They're very sincere. Their applications for asylum residence were rejected, they appealed the decision, then they appealed again, then they appealed a third time - and now they're camping out at Medborgarplatsen - with a few friendly buildings close by to hopefully make them feel more at home - and they stay there, on the steps of Medborgarplatsen, day and night.

Look into your hearts. Open your hearts. Stop complaining about no longer having adequate healthcare, about not getting the pension you're entitled to and you already paid for, about being raped, being murdered. And for goodness sake, stop complaining about your corrupt inept government.

Look at their faces. Just look at them.

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