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NACKA (Rixstep) — Nacka is a municipality in the greater Stockholm area, with some of the most scenic parts of the capital, such as Saltsjöbaden with its Grand Hotel, owned by the Wallenbergs until 1999.

It's here the Saltsjöbaden Agreement was signed on 20 December 1938.

But enough of history. Boring stuff anyway. The present day is much more entertaining.

For it appears that Nacka's city hall just pulled off the deal of the century. Amidst a growing national crisis with depleted funds, a formerly legendary healthcare system that's now down on its knees, nearly nonexistent elderly care, and who knows how many other systemic breakdowns, all because the former government opened the floodgates in a perverse and obsessive effort to crush the country's social system, because they didn't agree with its politics - floodgates now being rampaged by every two-bit crook and con artist, from Treriksröset to Trelleborg...

Amidst all this, Nacka just spent tens of millions (the equivalent in USD) to purchase three (3) brand new hyper-expensive homes for a 57-year-old, purportedly from Syria, who claims to have three (3) wives (and who knows how many children and grandchildren, uncles, cousins, business partners).

The Syrian doesn't speak the language, knows nothing about and cannot be expected to amalgamate into Swedish society, and the outlook for his clan is no better. Given that most Syrians who are not associated with IS are still in Syria, in areas protected by the government...

But no matter! Some Swedes are short on intel and long on gullibility. Nacka's the new frontrunner.

Katerina Janouch, who's already witnessed how her parents suffered at the hands of this blundering government of Stefan Löfven, took to Twitter today. A prolific writer, Kat showed that she has what it takes in social media as well. The thread starts here, for anyone who wants to follow along in the original Swedish.


Nonetheless thinking how the talks and thoughts went with the good people of Nacka when the polygamist asked for three homes for his three wives.

Maybe he met with them (with an interpreter of course) and went 'OK I got three wives, now you Swedes gotta fix this shit for us, this is every man's right. Hey - it's OK if I get a fourth wife?'

A municipal worker chokes on his coffee. 'But of course they must have housing on a par with everyone else! We have sixteen children! Fix this! Now!' Another worker shuffles through a stack of forms.

Another worker, who himself has struggled to make ends meet, has to show off the housing. He sees other families where all hope is dying.

Another worker is home in bed that night with his partner. 'Shit, that guy got some fancy digs! THREE of them! THREE!' He freezes up, then gets into a fight with his partner.

The polygamist is the hippo in city hall. Nacka boss Mats Gerdau suspects something isn't right, but heck - Stefan Löfven's government said it's OK!

The homeless, the mothers living in social misery in the slums, the starving pensioners: they gotta fucking wait! Another municipality (Hultsfred) refused a similar order, but so what?

Can Nacka afford this? Sure we can! OK, sure, the police are having a bitch of a time right now, what with those masked teenage robbers in the garage under the Forum, but the polygamist dude needs three homes for his bitches and he needs 'em pronto!

Uneasy conversation at the lunch table. 'Will those sixteen children get quality time when there are so many of them?' The people at that table are outed as racists on Facebook the following day.

Someone in Nacka is found writing hateful comments about injustice on Twitter. Obligatory consultation on Fundamental Principles (Värdegrunden) concerning equality for polygamists, followed by formal warning.

Extraordinary afternoon meeting convened where it's pointed out that it's important to not gossip about this, or do anything that can benefit the Sweden Democrats. Or should we instead build more modular housing units? Someone whispers 'hooray' but the enemy cannot be identified.

Nacka employees sent to a special lecture on Conquering Those Incorrect Feelings. Nacka hires on a number of expensive consultants who conduct workshops where everyone gets a souvenir coloured tinfoil hat.

Somebody writes 'FUCK STEFAN LÖFVEN' on the staff bathroom wall. People start whispering about DARK FORCES at work in Nacka. Employees are encouraged to show (and feel) the love.

Another fight in the conference room. Wife #1 is not happy with the interior decorating or the size of one of the homes. Wife #2 is the victim of an attack by another jealous wife. Wife #3 has abdominal pains.

'Polygamy Days!' Motion by Nacka Municipality, these new events will be held on Tuesdays, 13:00 - 16:30, when concerns associated with polygamy take precedent over all else.

New staff hires. The lucky recruits get crash courses in 'Alternative Lifestyles' and 'Preparing for the Imminent Crisis'. There's already a media buzz about 'The Nacka Model'.

So good! Unemployment rates in Nacka get gussied up by using the 'fast track' - good use of taxpayer money, promotes diversity!

Time for Nacka's Xmas Seasonal Party. Critically inebriated execs hit on married colleagues. Some are heard whispering 'fucking polygamy, sounds fucking hot!'

Social media hurricane. Hurricane Nacka. Nacka to build entirely new municipality. Gerdau opens the community wallet. 'To think freely is a great thing - but to think correctly is greater still!'

'We're going to build NINE new cities! And why not ten, as it turns out we got $3.5 billion we somehow forgot about! How fucking hard can it be? Everybody gets in on this one! New villages on the way! Wahoo!'

2019. Contracts expire. Municipal clerks in Nacka combing the area for suitable housing for families. Best if each unit can handle upwards of twenty family members.

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