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Mikael Damberg

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ABSURDISTAN, SWEDEN (Rixstep) — Sweden's government today presented the first part of their so-called '34-point programme' to combat gang violence, a move reluctantly forced on them by horrific murders involving mothers and children.

Significant for this '34-point programme' is that, for the discussion of the measures to be taken, Mikael Damberg, interior minister for the social democratic party, refused to invite members of the Sweden Democrat Party, considered by many to be the only people capable of acting constructively, as they're not bound by destructive ideologies.

Now his 34-point programme is complete, so he's held a press conference.

First up: Damberg wants the authorities to be able to decrypt mail and install trojans on people's computers and computing devices. How he thinks that's going to be possible isn't known, and it's likely Damberg doesn't know either. But this is Absurdistan, Sweden.

Damberg is adamant that the 'criminal element' like to plan their crimes with WhatsApp and Viber.

'Above all else, this is about encryption', said Damberg.

Damberg claims that 'about 90% of all computer traffic is encrypted, that's why we have to decrypt it'.

Once again, how Damberg reckons this is possible is a mystery. But he's suggested activating microphones on computers and mobile devices in stealth.

'We've noticed that the gangs, as soon as they start planning their crimes, switch over to encryption.'

'This is a shadowland in our efforts to combat crime', Damberg said.

'Secret eavesdropping is defined as a method to, with the help of technology, gain access to computing devices used for communication. In this way, the authorities can extract information from devices - we can, for example, install trojans on their computers and mobile phones.'

The proposal involves the secret police SÄPO, customs, and, strangely enough, Poland, and would be enacted on 1 March 2020.

One shudders to think what the world outside Sweden's nut bag duckpond thinks of this latest batshit proposal. Of course, had the reigning social democrats done the job they're supposed to do, such childish displays wouldn't be necessary.

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