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Fanboy Hard Reboot at Stack Overflow

'Sometimes it takes longer than the usual.'

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APPLE PARK WAY (Rixstep) — It wasn't just the fanboys at the Apple Forums who lost their shit. Stack Overflow also had a meltdown.

Bring your hankies. Lots of drool to wipe up.

The issue - the crisis - at hand is when Apple's Gatekeeper blocks use of Apple's own code generator Xcode, their unsolicited, unnecessary, and boundlessly sad makeover of NeXT's brilliant Project Builder.

Those who follow this site know what happened. Apple Shit™ hits the Apple Fan™ is what happened. Fanboys with toys. Toys that break and turn on their keepers and bite the wee things.

I've installed Xcode on a mac and when I try to start it I get a little window open saying 'Verifying Xcode' with a status bar scrolling across...

If you're going to be in a technical discussion, dillweed, then learn the terminology. That wasn't a window on screen. It was an alert panel or a message box. There were no status bars involved. Status bars are at the bottom of a window and contain status information. And they don't fucking scroll. You're talking about a progress meter or a progress control. And it doesn't scroll anyway. If you fucking cannot express what you need to say so people can under-fucking-stand what you mean, go over to Tumblr and discuss Swift playgrounds.

And as for your question: well you know what the fuck it's doing. It's checking all of those five hundred ten thousand checksums. Yes five hundred thousand, shit-for-brains. There are interlaced interdependencies as well. You're in a hurry?

First great question in the thread:

What version of OSX?

Go for it, fanboy.

Things turn nasty fast at Stack Overflow:

Could you please accept one of the very good answers you've gotten and dole out very well-deserved rep?

I believe an accepted answer is long overdue

The sky is falling. And someone offers this?

xattr -d com.apple.quarantine '/Applications/Xcode.app'

How much does that cleanse?

'The fourth form with the -d option ('delete') causes the given attribute name (and associated value) to be removed.'

No mention of automatic recursive action. Sounds like bean-brain should have used '-r', no?

'If a file argument is a directory, act as if the entire contents of the directory recursively were also specified (so that every file in the directory tree is acted upon).'

Yes, no doubt. But that's just a Stack Overflow brain-slide.

make sure Xcode.app is at the same directory where the command is run

Gee thanks. Want another hankie?

THANKYOU! This is super helpful in a pinch when you need an app RIGHT NOW (Like if you go to a WWDC session that you need Xcode 7 for and you... uh... forgot to download it)

Super-stupid people painting super-stupidity as commonplace.

Welcome to the New Millennium. Yes, SUPER helpful.

It is giving an error: Xcode.app: No such xattr: com.apple.quarantine


Ahem! It's iOS engineer 'Henry F' who jumps in now. Stand back.

Running a command to get through Gatekeeper sounds like the way to go, since you downloaded it from a trusted source. This is a common occurrence when installing large bundles in OS X. Basically, Gatekeeper examines your entire bundle, making sure that there is no suspicious code.

This is one of the many things that keeps OS X as secure as it is.

The cheque's in the mail. No one did the nasty in your mouth?

No point in going through how brainwashed and ridiculous that is.

You have two options:

1: Give it time.


2: Manually tell Gatekeeper 'It's okay, this is from a trusted source'.

$ say "It's okay, this is from a trusted source."

Doesn't work.

How do we do this? Well, first fire up the Terminal and navigate to your Xcode.app folder.

How do we do that? You're getting too technical again.

(Or type in cd and drag-and-drop Xcode from your applications folder), then hit enter.

Wait, that's too fast.

Next, run the command:

Is everyone on the Apple campus that dumb?

xattr -d com.apple.quarantine Xcode.app

So the gunk is only applied at the very top of over four hundred thousand files and 90+ thousand directories? Oh what good fortune.

Just as an aside: none of you morons can actually see those XAs, can you? No, of course not. So, if we were to tell you that all four hundred thousand plus files were INFECTED, you'd have to believe us, wouldn't you?

The bottom line is you're incapable of taking care of yourself, isn't that so, dillweed?

Henry F adds a few words of caution from the Sacred Apple Marketing Manual.

Now, be careful getting past Gatekeeper if whatever you are installing is even slightly from an untrusted source, or else you introduce a security risk to your computer. In my case, opening new versions of Xcode quickly is the only time I will ever run that command.

OK, back to the weeping and gnashing. Or almost.

For anyone else seeing a very long 'Verifying Xcode' phase, just give it time. The indeterminate progress bar stays up there for a long time (tens of minutes) while Gatekeeper looks at the (very large) Xcode bundle to make sure that it's legit. Eventually, you'll get the familiar message along the lines of 'This application was downloaded from the Internet. Do you want to continue?' Or, if the bundle doesn't check out, you'll of course get a message to that effect.


Go back to trying to make good product and selling product solely on merit, and not trying to brutalise a monopoly market that got handed you by chance and not by merit. Just a thought, assholes.

Almost every answer here recommends running xattr -d on the file. This deletes the file's extended attributes (like com.apple.quarantine) so OS X will not run the verification phase. You should only do this as an absolute last resort if at all.

Why? They're not good to anyone.

So now you got people putting on their own shackles? Just kick back and enjoy. Pass the apple-corn.

Apple explicitly recommends [sic] leaving Gatekeeper enabled to validate your version of Xcode after XcodeGhost malware was spread to popular iOS apps via infected versions of Xcode.

They do? Where? And how could that happen if Gatekeeper makes you SO SECURE?

Open the Archive Utility app. (Open Finder by hitting ⌘+spacebar and type 'Archive Utility')

What if we don't use Finder? WHY DO YOU USE FINDER?

cd /Applications - This will move to applications directory where Xcode is present

Thanks for the explanation.

xattr -d com.apple.quarantine Xcode.app - This will bypass Gatekeeper in OS X and will launch Xcode quickly

Oh brother. Is that how you'll explain it to your children?

Note: If you have changed name of Xcode (say Xcode7-1) then you should enter ... Xcode7-1.app command.

What if we renamed it 'Xcode7-2'? What do we do then? CAN YOU PLEASE EXPLAIN WITH FULL EXPLANATIONS!

Remember: these are supposed to be grownup men (and one woman).

Let that sink in.

You still want to develop for Apple platforms now?

1.Type cd drag drop your xcode (for path) then enter

Enter what?

2.next xattr -d com.apple.quarantine Xcode.app enter

We get 'zsh: command not found: next'. Please help.

A lot of talk here about exempting Xcode-beta.app from Gatekeeper, but for me, I had to make the .xip file exempt.

Fucking rocket scientist.

running xattr -d com.apple.quarantine Xcode.app worked like a charm. Waiting on the 'verifying xcode' didn't work, as it never completed.

You can try the command:

xattr -r -d com.apple.quarantine /your_path_to_xcode/Xcode.app

Oh wow. That's too advanced. Perhaps you can combine '-r -d' into a single switch? Or is that too advanced for you?

If you do not use -r, you will have to run the same command for the iOS simulator later on.

Oh so good.

I am not sure what other executables are hidden in this bundle and are quarantined.

No of course not because you're a moron and don't have any tools to find out.

If you have time, the recommended method is to leave the verification to complete so that everything is verified properly.

Fanboys are pussies. No insult to real pussies intended.

Trash all previously downloaded versions of the file and empty the trash. (If you haven't emptied your trash in forever this may take a long time.)

One shudders to think what ordinary users are up to.

I found multiple instances that would not delete because they were currently in use.

You poor thing. Need a hankie?

Restart your computer.

Restart your LIFE.

Download the Xcode8 beta again


Fanboys are PATHETIC.

open Terminal cd to path Xcode.app

xattr -d com.apple.quarantine Xcode.app

You need fucking AppleScript to run a Unix command?

There's something sick about Apple people.

Run the following command making sure this is your Xcode's location on the system & replace the xcode name with actual name which code [sic] be xcode2 or Xcode 3 incase if you have more 1 versions of Xcode on your machine.. All the best ..

xattr -d com.apple.quarantine Xcode.app

Just wait for process to get over with.. sometimes it takes longer than the usual time but ends up showing the alert boxes for next process! sit back let it finish. :)

He's down at Times Square after midnight.

PS. Who creates an image 2151x2151? Who then uploads such an image to fill a 200x200 profile photo area?

PPS. Apple want to change the name of their OS so their fanboys will cream in their pants. The names make a lot of sense otherwise. watchOS for the watch, iOS for the i, and macOS for a hardware product that's thankfully not existed for over 20 years.

But if Apple hadn't gone gangbusters on the 'X' they wouldn't be in trouble now. What are they supposed to call their code generator except a mess? (Yes it still crashes all the time, all over the place.)

So - 'macCode'? Yeah that's a good one.

The NeXT engineers were at least one order of magnitude smarter than the rubbish at Apple today.

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