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BellSouth Down!

Google might have recovered elegantly from the MyDoom attack, but others are not faring so well. One of the worst hit is the baby Bell BellSouth.

Hiding behind an innocent looking Netscape Enterprise web server, BellSouth are actually running most of their machines, both externally and internally, on Microsoft products, and have been hit hard by the latest MyDoom attack.

BellSouth customers have complained of a loss of service starting last weekend, sometime early on Friday afternoon local time. As many as several hundred connection attempts have been met with 'authentication failed' responses.

Upon contacting BellSouth, customers have been told the internal networks are down and account information cannot be verified.

BellSouth technical staff have admitted there is a 'technical glitch' disrupting operations.

This 'issue' is now in its fifth day with no end in sight.

Customers attempting to alert BellSouth online of the issues are first told the support URL linked from the BellSouth home page is no longer valid, told to update their bookmarks with the new URL, and then automatically redirected to the new URL, which is as follows.

http://home.bellsouth.net/s/URL UNKNOWN

Hundreds of thousands of BellSouth customers are currently without service and the incompetency of BellSouth staff leave them no hope of a speedy resolution.

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