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Google Founders Bare All In PLAYBOY™

In an exclusive interview in this month's PLAYBOY™ Google founders Lawrence Page and Sergey Brin bare all, revealing their innermost secrets and desires - and a few choice and juicy facts about their web search enterprise along the way.

'We never really got the business end of this', admits Page. 'I guess we really shouldn't have consented to this interview either, not with our IPO so close. We might not be billionaires much longer.'

Concerned industry voices agree with Page: already a day after the announcement, Google's news site has over 400 results for the phrase 'Google Playboy'.

Most of the articles found express alarm at the klutzy behaviour of the erstwhile resourceful entrepreneurs.

Some of the articles are open letters asking Sergey Brin for a date.

John Dvorak writes on his 'uncensored' weblog:

'Modern Silicon Valley CEO? Oh brother!'
'I never do a home run on my first date', reveals Sergey Brin, Google co-founder posing here in his Sunday best. 'But of course I'm flattered if my date tries to steal all the bases!'

(Can you find the PLAYBOY™ rabbit™ on Sergey's dress?)

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