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Rixstep I Salute You

Subject: Rixstep, I salute you.
   From: "Daniel Toman" <daniel.toman@reed.edu>

You people are pretty hilarious. I stumbled across your site because Apple had linked to Xfile from their OS X apps page. It's good to know that pure, classical curmudgeonship has found its way to Macintosh. Windows might have a few Steve Gibsons, the Free Software movement has no shortage of Richard Stallmans, but until I found your site I thought all OS X developers were simply Steve Jobs marketroid clones.

Anyway, put this on your wall and go back to deriding whichever poor programmers you happen to be competing with.


Subject: Re: Rixstep, I salute you.
     To: "Daniel Toman" <daniel.toman@reed.edu>

It's great!

But you're a fucking idiot.

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