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Black Christmas

You can help.

Thanks for your email.

It is truly a Black Christmas for us all. Tsunamis from the quake(s) hit many places in south Thailand including Phi-Phi Island, Phuket, Phang-nga, Krabi, etc.

I of course am safe in Bangkok, but loss of life and many friends is great and has saddened and devastated thousands here. Our eldest Princess Ubolratana lost her teenage son in Phuket, and many Thais as well as tourists are still missing.

The situation is worse in the Maldives, Sri Lanka, and India where many more have lost their lives.

Thanks for your support. I will keep more in touch.

Happy New Year 2005 to you and all!

The tsunami hit at the worst time of the year (as if there could be a better time): people celebrating the holidays, getting together, many traveling to the sun.

In a world without war (which many of us insist on) there is only one remaining enemy and this is it.

You may not have a lot of money left after splurging on the holidays, but it's not how much but the fact that you do. Show your solidarity. We all live together on this planet, and next time they might be collecting donations for you.

Seasons greetings.

Donate Now

US taxpayers: your donations are tax-deductible. UK residents: see below.

The International Red Cross Red Crescent site is currently being overwhelmed and further suffers from a wobbly Microsoft IIS web server. Be patient - write your nastygram to billg@microsoft.com afterwards.

International Red Cross Red Crescent

Oxfam have also set up a web page for immediate help, and for UK taxpayers there's a no-cost no-brainer perk: all taxes collected on donations since 6 April 2000 may be reclaimed by Oxfam and used to help.


Whatever link you use, be sure you use one and do it now.

Thank you.

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