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Good Night Sir Knight

And you thought you'd seen everything again.

He's not necessarily in good company.

Other US citizens to get the title include Rudy Giuliani, Steven Spielberg, Bob Hope, Billy Graham, George Mitchell, Norman Schwarzkopf and George Herbert Walker Bush I.

But the idea of the world's most disgusting person in IT getting even an honorary knighthood has literally made people feel physically sick.

Rixstep have received several messages from software users and site visitors who have expressed their distress.

The idea was suggested by Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown.

Click here to send a message of protest to Gordon Brown.

Green Party MEP for Southeast England Dr Caroline Lucas said:

'This sends out all the wrong signals. Would the government grant an honour to a businessman who is under investigation by trading standards officers in the UK? Of course not.'

As Gates is not allowed to title himself 'Sir Bill' as authentic subjects of the queen, may Rixstep suggest an alternate which will at least appeal to the great majority of computer users out there acquainted with Gates' many celebrated accomplishments?


Her Majesty the Queen, who has a British subscription to AOL, said she regards the personal computer as the greatest invention since the birth control pill.

'Oh yes, definitely. And for someone in my age group, it's much more useful too.'

'I'm online almost every day although I don't go into chat rooms as much as I used to.'

Asked whether she'd ever heard of Shitface Gates, the Queen laughed. 'Of course I've heard of him! Gordon Brown explained it to me! He's the singer in the Beatles!'

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