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Some age, others mature.
 - Sean Connery

Rixstep's AppleCore Project (ACP) has progressed to version 1.7 and now includes 53 (fifty three) Cocoa applications and Unix command line tools in addition to a variety of shell scripts and ancillary helper files.


The flagship remains the Xfile Suite with the Unix file browser Xfile which some are calling a 'standard setter'.

The only fully capable Unix file browser for OS X, Xfile is also the only 'fast' file browser for the platform, and written so incredibly lean and mean that it today weighs in at under 40 KB on disk (39.7 KB).

A fully integrated Cocoa document-based application, Xfile is the only file browser known to be capable of enumerating every directory on your hard drive, of completing lugubrious file operations known to crash Finder and other file browsers, and of showing you everything you have - even those secret iPod directories that aren't supposed to exist.


A companion application to Xfile, Xfind searches within file lists for contents and is most often used with the Xscan application (see below).

An application that wins on its simplicity, Xfind is extremely powerful and can be used for recursive searches, hive enumerations, and much more.


Perhaps even faster than the ultra-fast Xfile, Xscan uses regular expressions to get precise listings for whatever you're looking for. Xscan also performs security audits, telling you where the cracks in your bastion are.

Don't Sell Fish

The ACP also comes with a special edition of CLIX, the 'command line interface for OS X'. With functionality that could only be provided by the ACP Framework, CLIX makes work with Darwin as efficient and easy as it can possibly get.

Fully Shredded, Fully Gone

SPX, the first fully Gutmann-compliant file shredder for OS X (and still the fastest and best) is now complemented by SPX Nighttime which shreds all the disk free space (disk slack) on your entire hard drive. You can do a perfunctory 'nighttime' shred or stay away the whole weekend and get all of 35 rugged Gutmann passes on every cluster.

Four Dozen More

And there are forty eight more Cocoa applications and tools in the set.

The price is still way under $1 per app, the total download is still a megabyte.

For all fifty three apps and tools, service module, framework, documentation, and more.

Have a look today.

Click to visit the AppleCore Project >>

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