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The Tiger's being unleashed.

Apple have set the date for the release of the next version of OS X.

29 April 2005.

To find out if your current hardware can take the upgrade, click here.

Basically you'll need:

  • At least a G3.
  • Built-in FireWire.
  • At least 256 MB RAM.
  • At least 3.0 GB disk free space and another GB for XCode 2.

Tiger comes on a DVD. If your box doesn't have a DVD reader, you can get the cat on CDs instead for about $10 S&H.

Tiger represents the continued march to 64-bit computing with 'doodads' Microsoft are hoping MS Windows 'Longhorn' can emulate by the time it hits the market.

But don't hold your breath.

It's bad for your health and your computer will hate you.

Look at that Mac mini as cheaper than ever instead: $379 with the price of Tiger not included, $499 with it on the disk.

And the ACP works wonderfully with the new cat on the block.

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