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Never Spoken Too Soon?

Who could have thought anyone could have beat Bill Gates and Microsoft Corporation to the punch? But it's true! You can download it here: the first-ever full-featured preview of Microsoft® Windows® Longhorn®!

And it runs on OS X!

Here it is - and unlike Bill Gates' preview, this one is full-featured - and it still beats Bill Gates by more than a week.

Things like this don't happen every day, so it's best to download now. (Supplies are limited.)

This preview of Microsoft® Windows® Longhorn® demonstrates the wizardry of Avalon®, Indigo®, Netsky®, Slammer®, and more. It is fully compatible with OS X 10.2 and later and fully compatible with at least 95% of the over 100,000 Windows viruses currently in the wild.

It also incorporates Microsoft® ActiveInteractivity®, a feature noted computing science guru Paul Thurrott® amongst others has been clamouring for since the introduction of the abacus.

It's all here, and it's only 18,395 bytes to download because Microsoft didn't write it, someone from Apple did.

There may be a few unbelievers who don't feel the eighteen month wait for this watershed technology can be worth it - as if it's totally OK to flee their good friend Microsoft in favour of Apple's OS X, Linux, or some other communist system.

This blazing demo will show them otherwise. It will put them to shame.

Download Microsoft® Windows® Longhorn® Preview® (18395 bytes)

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