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Introducing: the Bill mini™

Uncle Steve's vision of the $100 computer has come true thanks to the capable arm of Microsoft Research.

Hey you Mac mini switchers out there: there's a new kid in town.

The Bill mini™.

It's pictured at right and it's a dazzler.

The $99 machine was previewed yesterday for a select group of Windows hardware developers by Jim Allchin, Steve Ballmer, Rick Rashid, and Sir Bill Gates III.

The sleek compact machine was running a delta-gamma-beta of the coming Windows® Longhorn® which will ship in the late fall of 2016.

'This represents an enormous step forward', said a delighted 'Uncle' Steve Ballmer, 'and represents for me personally a total and 100% vindication of the charges brought up against me last year. So I want to congratulate the Microsoft Research team on another fine accomplishment.'

'And it works right out of the box', said an excited Allchin. 'Connect it to our Windows® Media Player™ and you're up and running instantly.'

'It's insanely great.™'

Rashid commented on the Bill mini™'s compact design. 'This is exactly what I had in mind when I first suggested micro-kernel architecture', the former CMU computer programmer remarked.

'Best of all it runs MBASIC®', added a proud Chief Software Architect Sir Bill Gates III. 'I plan to write some really slick code on it.'

The Bill mini™ comes with 16 XB RAM to support the advanced graphics of Windows® Longhorn® and MBASIC®, as well as Microsoft's patented Retina Melt™ technology for secure login and intrusion annihilation.

'We know more about security than anyone else in the Universe™', concluded a grinning Ballmer.

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