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The free Debian distro 'just works' on the Mac and PC both.

I installed the full Unbuntu system on a spare PC (old 500 MHz PC) in the office this afternoon. I've only had a very short time to look at it but my initial impression is very positive. Everything is laid out very nicely; the software auto-update system worked flawlessly; it can talk to the network with no problems; graphics work fine. It just works!

I'll send a more detailed report later today, but I've got an Ubuntu live CD burned. It'll boot my PowerBook G4 (1.5 MHz).

I didn't change any settings, read any config stuff, nothing. I just burned the CD, tried booting, and followed the on-screen instructions.

I read a tiny bit of stuff on the Ubuntu FAQ page about the ISO burning (that's where I found out about live versions). Surprises: no configuration, changing settings, etc and Bluetooth Mouse works! Printing worked too, to an Epson StyleWriter 740. Has Open Office, typed a document up, saved as PDF and SWF too.

The biggest hassle was burning the ISO disk image. Apple's Disk Utility couldn't even deal with the ISO image, let alone make a bootable copy. Roxio Titanimum didn't do it right either - I didn't try much, just one CD each of different brands.

Then I tried FireStarter FX and it worked like a charm.

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