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Why'd He Do It?

BRTV caught up with Steve Jobs outside Moscone West after the day's WWDC sessions.

BRTV: Steve, we're from the Birkenstock Radio and Television Network and we'd like to ask you a few questions. Here's a pass to the Y - with our compliments.
Steve: Hi. Is this the one downtown, in the Tenderloin?
BRTV: Yes.
Steve: Great. These are hard to get. OK, what do you want to know?
BRTV: Why did you do it?
Steve: The Intel thing? We think our future is with Intel.
BRTV: Will ordinary PC owners be able to run OS X in the future?
Steve: I hope not. If we need to we'll find some way to keep them out.
BRTV: Won't this move slow down development and make OS X even slower?
Steve: I expect so, yes. But Cocoa's too easy. Our people were getting soft.
BRTV: What will happen with Virtual PC?
Steve: That's up to Microsoft. Now it will go through two ABIs, from Intel to our new platform - which is Intel too.
BRTV: How about 64-bit laptops?
Steve: How about them?
BRTV: Does the move mean you'll be able to move laptops to 64-bit?
Steve: We hope so, yes, but there's a lot of work to do in that area.
BRTV: Such as?
Steve: Such as Intel chips are still too hot. Temperatures have to come down.
BRTV: And you see Intel as making more progress than IBM?
Steve: Not necessarily.
BRTV: Forgive us, but this is confusing: if there's no tangible reason you've switched Apple to x86, if you can't point us towards a reason, why'd you do it?
Steve: This is off the record now.
BRTV: Of course.
Steve: I have no idea.
BRTV: You have no idea?
Steve: That's right: I have no idea. But that's off the record.
BRTV: No problem.
Steve: We get a better price of course.
BRTV: Of course.
Steve: Than IBM would ever give us.
BRTV: Understood.
Steve: And Eisner's such an asshole.
BRTV: Eisner's at Disney.
Steve: Oh yeah, that's right. It's been such a day, guys. Such a day.
BRTV: No problem.
Steve: I love pissing beige box weenies off.
BRTV: You love what? Is this still off the record?
Steve: No, this is on the record. The beige box weenies. The old Maccies. I love pissing them off. They've been telling all their friends the PPC is so superior, so now they have something to worry about.
Steve: If I'd had no other reason, that would have been enough.
BRTV: But do you have other reasons - other reasons you won't divulge?
Steve: I gotta go. And you can have the pass back. I'm a married man today. I run a successful corporation. And Apple too. I gotta think about image. I can't be doing things like this anymore.
BRTV: Bye.

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