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The Not So Secret Secret

When Steve Jobs first returned to Cupertino he demoed NeXTSTEP on x86 laptops. eWeek wrote about Marklar 30 August 2002 and it was picked up by Radsoft.


Nevertheless, Apple kept a tight lid on 'Marklar' and even more importantly kept a tight lid on their discussions with Intel which company representatives now admit have been going on since 2003, and yet the public is led to believe some dastardly bastard broke ranks in Cupertino and bleated the story to the Wall Street Journal - which just happens to be perhaps the most reputable news source in the entire US.

And then Steve Jobs, who practices his charismatic speeches meticulously, decided at the last minute to get the graphics department working on a new slide.

Yeah right.

But Jobs did reveal the inner workings of the Marklar project, and in particular the key product 'Rosetta' sold by his long time buddy from NeXT.

Following are the secret location of the Marklar group on the grounds of Apple Computer in Cupertino California and a schematic of the Pentium 4 with the embedded Rosetta technology.

The location of the secret Marklar project on the Apple corporate grounds. The Marklar buildings are the gay pink and purple ones in the upper left.

The Intel Pentium 4 with an embedded Rosetta 'stone' (the green circle). Rosetta can read both Egyptian hieroglyphs and PowerPC 970 machine instructions and automatically queue them for use by the Pentium 4. Old MacOS applications running today under 'Classic' will still work well into the next century.
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