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Introducing the Freeware ACP Service Browser

It's in your shoes, DP. It's passed you by.

The number of services available in the ACP Web Services is growing geometrically. There are currently over four hundred; another 2,000+ [sic] are waiting in the wings. Obviously the issue becomes 'seeing the forest for the trees'.

And how many people know that Wunderground is a global weather service that wants your location as input?

The /ACP Service Browser is designed to take care of all this. And perhaps the best way to explain it is to not explain it. Just download it now and take a look.


You will also need at least one 'services' file. For the freeware version of the ACP Service Browser there are two. The URLs are in the download 'readme' but here they are again.


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Introducing the ACP Service Browser
Screenshot: the ACP Service Browser

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