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The ACP Web Services break the thousand mark.

Apple proudly claim they now have 1,000 Dashboard widgets for Tiger. Congratulations, Apple.

But as even Macworld has begun to notice, those little 'applets' can be anything but 'little', especially when it comes to eating up RAM.

Not to speak of the clutter: even if one were to embrace the 'technology' of the Tiger dashboard, having a thousand widgets around on a push of the F12 key - not to speak of the download time and the disk footprint - would be impossible.

The ACP Web Services run off a small 17 KB service module. Ancillary files with services to pick from take a few more KB. The executable for the ACP Service Manager is a mere 21 KB. That of the all new ACP Service Browser is a mere 29 KB.

There's lots of disk space to spare and very little RAM in use. And once the services are loaded onto your menu, they take nothing at all.

The ACP Web Services now number 1,061: that's more in number than all the Apple widgets combined. And together with the near 1,000 commands in the CLIX commands databases, that's almost twice as much as Apple.

Those widgets either access something on your hard drive you didn't know about or talk with a service on the web. With the addition of a 29 KB executable for CLIX you cover both angles - plus you have the opportunity and ability to add new commands and services of your own.

And they're all free.

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