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Banking Online with MS

We know more about security than anyone else in the world.
 - Uncle Steve 'Fat Bastard' Ballmer

Sunbelt Software stumbled across a web server based in the US used to store megabytes of stolen identity data.

The server held passwords used at fifty banks, eBay, and PayPal, along with hundreds of credit card numbers.

But the first real shocker (of two) was the discovery that it was Microsoft's super-safe browser Internet Explorer behind the exploits. All the savvy web surfers had to do was surf to one of the rogue sites - high profile sites such as porn havens and warez lists.

The second real shocker was that the code downloaded onto the computers of these otherwise hyperalert users encountered no obstructions from Microsoft's super-secure Windows operating system. The code could easily install itself and set up a keystroke logger, 'phone home' with the keystroke log at regular intervals, and so forth.

A representative of Microsoft Corporation who understandably wished to remain anonymous described the shock felt in Redmond. 'Nothing like this has ever happened to us before! As our chairman says, we know more about security than anyone else in the world - we stand behind our software!'

ID theft spyware scam uncovered

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