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Ballmer's Cracked Wagger

Ballmer speak with cracked wagger.
 - Old Indian proverb

That Microsoft chief executive officer 'Uncle' Steve Ballmer has a cracked wagger is no secret - but it's recently come to light that traditional Chinese medicine has a take all its own on this rather ugly phenomenon.

A visit to the 'Beyond Well Being' website and a participation in their tongue health survey - carefully studying the picture to the right so as to supply all the correct details - reveals the following about Ballmer's renowned wagger.

Cracked Tongue

A cracked tongue indicates a deficiency of Yin in the body: a sort of dryness happening in the body.

This is what women experience during menopause. Nourishing the Yin of the body can effectively manage night sweats, hot flashes, irritability, and insomnia. For others with this type of tongue, symptoms may include restlessness, dry mouth or throat at night, a band of redness across the cheeks, low back pain, premature ejaculation, and nocturnal emissions.

Thanks to Chinese medicine, the world can now better understand Steve Ballmer.

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