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Wear Hat Proudly

Seven years.

It's finally over. After keeping busy doing lots of important things like hunting down worm outbreaks and keeping people alert to the issues of Internet security, famed security expert Fred Björck finally picked up his PhD.

Entitled 'Discovering the Management of Information Security' and presented in English to an assembled crowd of security gurus, the event went 'rather smoothly' according to Björck - 'about as smoothly as things like this can go', he adds.

Björck entered the world arena before the new Millennium when he found the key clue to the hunt for the source of the Melissa worm; he became legendary when he in May 2000 found the source of the Love Bug, the world's first major disaster for Windows in the new Millennium - and found it in less than twenty four hours.

Björck was also quick to see how important privacy and security would become and to understand the need for clean, lean, and mean code to counteract the 'malware terrorists'.

Already at work in his new profession, Björck took a day off to get the hat - and now he's back on the job again, trying to get people to take a clue.

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