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CLIX Alert!

Accept only the real McCoy.

People are reporting that there are 'illicit' downloads available at many locations on the Internet.

Several such reports have already been corroborated.

Do not accept a software download from any URL that is not at this domain.

If you find CLIX or other Rixstep software available at other locations, please report it.

The ramifications of this from a security standpoint should be obvious. If you feel they are not, drop a line and we can spell it out for you.

OS X is more than 'mostly virus free' and we intend to keep it that way.

Thank you.

[The following information pertains to CLIX release '1.7.1a freebie'. If you are not an ACP user and do not have this release, please download again.]

Following is the 262 byte 'MD file' for CLIX.app/Contents/MacOS/CLIX.

MD2: afa19fc138a3a914a28cd6de49f9d970
MD5: 3a5bd4f031d3ea0b235780e265a536aa
MDC2: 2a58780ce70dcf9aa87b9558993721bb
RIPEMD-160: 2528d0ff0252ab1eed676ecfaa12c3c71b5cb260
SHA: aa68b2934958e3005c017943d3e01cc3bc978f53
SHA-1: 883ce8c608c531a8c993e13b72de68723255ff82

Following is the 262 byte 'MD file' for CLIX.app/Contents/Resources/clix.

MD2: d8c39e347252ae65fca587fc7c880d82
MD5: 27cec20fa539ba3a4e268ec5a9f193a1
MDC2: 52bf6f0e271a00faa71e869aa0bccf67
RIPEMD-160: 88d8803f415bc04fa596dc6ba8ce09ba5e064089
SHA: 703baf397aeab86989a2fe919000dd511efd33c4
SHA-1: 72017d304beb73974008cc06d7690245a2eb16f7

Following is the 262 byte 'MD file' for CLIX.app/Contents/Resources/cxfs.

MD2: 91233a492f5deffdcb4cc5e62b46a65e
MD5: 83ca95c62464627afaf1612153b80762
MDC2: 44fbc046453e348bd9e311fe19cb985f
RIPEMD-160: c3c03aee6d07746bf0b998ddfaa6b2ddb6b7b7ee
SHA: ca00913af622d2a358f1ab681b08c5d66f007923
SHA-1: 9a827295f65758e91a6d8ddcf0795b40dc3aeb1f

Use the tool of your choice and compare. Downloads through Apple, MacUpdate, and Version Tracker will refer to this site. If you are not sure where you downloaded your software, take the time to check it or download again.

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