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Printer Setup Repair

You're supposed to feel sorry for them?

MacInTouch received an unconfirmed report that Fixamac's Printer Setup Repair 5.0.3 incorporates a hidden and dangerous anti-copying mechanism, and president of Fixamac John Goodchild responded to their follow-up with an explanation.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have examined our code and discovered an error in the area that rejects pirated registration codes. The original objective was to delete the Printer Setup Repair preferences but a misplaced space in the code allowed the entire user preferences folder to be erased. This would only occur if a pirated code was used. The error was probably overlooked since there was a need to block a new batch of pirated codes quickly. There was no such error in the area that handles legitimate registration codes and in no way can occur if a legitimate registration code is entered incorrectly since the user name is also a part of our internal tests. We have fixed the problem and posted an update.

This was not a malicious act on our part, rather an effort to protect our product from software pirates, and we regret any damage that may have been caused by the use of pirated registration codes.

Anyone who downloaded Printer Setup Repair 5.0.3 between 11-05-05 and 12-06-05 should download the current release from our web site.

But why should legitimate users download again? What else isn't being told? And how does destroying a preferences file (or folder) protect Fixamac? It doesn't. Something else is going on - something no one wants to hear.

Better advice: don't download again - and don't use Fixamac products ever again either.

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