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CLIX 1.7.2(a) 'Ilgaz'

This one's got the bells and whistles.

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CLIX 1.7.2(a) 'Ilgaz' is released to ACP users and freebie users simultaneously. It incorporates two built-in systems for seeking Unix manpage help.

1: The Beige (Output) Box

This system is integrated into CLIX. Manpages come up in the CLIX output window. A hidden input control appears in the lower left when you click on it; type in the Unix keyword you're searching for and hit Enter.

2: ManOpen

ManOpen is a GUI viewer for Unix manpages that creates autolinks and makes it easy to browse the lugubrious Unix documentation and actually learn something. It is a separate (but free) product.

3: Flipping The Bits

Switching from one help system to the other occurs in realtime with CLIX: it's accomplished with ordinary CLIX commands.

4: Download Now

CLIX is, as always, free. Accept no substitutes.

The current release '1.7.2(a) ilgaz' is 74 KB to download and contains over 1,100 powerful (and eminently useful) Unix commands which should send your AppleScript 'tools' into the dustbins forever.

5: CLIX Forum

Don't forget the independently hosted CLIX forum.

It's located at http://rixstep.com/7.

It's open 24 hours a day.

It's a good meeting place for ACP/CLIX users with questions about CLIX, Unix in general, the ACP Web Services, and most anything under the sun.

Happy holidays.

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