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Rixstep Issue Immediate Solution to the Microsoft Windows Metafile (WMF) Security Flaw

Rixstep, creator of award winning software, are offering a new solution that protects against threats exploiting the dangerous Microsoft Windows (WMF) vulnerability which was revealed by security researchers and confirmed by Microsoft on Dec. 28.

Microsoft announced plans to release a patch on January 10. Until then, all versions of Windows are at risk from the WMF defect which compromises the security of users worldwide.

'Some really nice people are already taking advantage of this slight security defect to install additional malicious software onto computers - a move we otherwise encourage as it brings the final destruction of the Vole even closer', said Sydney Phillips, CFO of Rixstep. 'And when our R&D team spotted this new vulnerability, they created a solution to immediately and permanently stop it.'


Rixstep are a global leader in innovative software. Rixstep publish software and provide technical resources for securing, protecting and maintaining computers. More information about Rixstep can be found at rixstep.com.

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