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It's happening now.

Click the pic for Engadget's up to the minute coverage.

They've been standing in queue since 7:00 AM their time.

They assess they're 27 and 28 there. Next to reporters from Kansai Digital Press.

Twenty minutes before the doors open they get in the media corral.

They're hoping to be let in 'in the very near future'.

Keep refreshing the page.

You can also try visiting MacDailyNews.

Stevenote Summary

  • 14 million iPods sold in the last quarter.
  • iTunes sold over 850 million songs. Market share 83%.
  • Rose Bowl #1 iTunes video.
  • Belushi in Samurai delicatessen and Blues Brothers on iPod.
  • iPod FM tuner.
  • Chrysler update: 40% shipped in 2006 have iPod integration.
  • Wynton Marsalis promo.
  • New widgets with 10.4.4 out today. New Google widget.
  • iMovie update.
  • iDVD update with wide screen capabilities.
  • 'iWeb' [sic]. 'Increasingly a lot of us want to build a web site.'
  • Shifting to Intel.
  • Paul Otellini in clean room suit.
  • Intel iMac ships today.
  • Entire Stevenote run on Intel OS X.
  • Apple 'pro' apps can be upgraded to Intel for $49 each.
  • Five more years of MS Office for OS X.
  • MacBook Pro: $1999 for 'Core Duo' 1.67 Ghz/512 RAM/80 GB/SuperDrive/Airport Extreme; $2499 for faster 1,83 Ghz with 1 GB RAM. One inch thin, 5.6 pounds, backlit keyboard, scrolling trackpad, sudden motion sensor, and 'MagSafe': power adapter held in only by magnet so someone tripping over cord doesn't ruin computer.
  • Specint and specfp for MacBook Pro make it 4-5 times faster than the never released PowerBook G5 prototypes.

For more details visit Engadget.com.

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