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Another Microsoft First™

Official announcement expected momentarily.

Microsoft do it again, and Guinness report it will soon be official.

They've namely become the first major software company ever forced to release a security patch for an operating system before it's even released.

Those worried the much hyped Rob Enderle endorsed pseudo operating system Windows Vista Bringing Clarity To Your World™ would finally end the ten year long security nightmare can heave a sigh of relief. There's evidently no improvement in the new product. It sucks up the WMF flaw like all the rest.

Vista's as crappy as any version of Windows.

In addition, good news for those already bored with the WMF story: there are new exploits on the way and they affect Vista too - specifically the notorious notable malware greenhouses powerhouses Outlook and Exchange. All that's needed with the 'TNEF' flaw is a single mail message with a payload and the entire corporate network is toast.

As Steve Ballmer said, Microsoft stand behind their software. Ah, it's good times.

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