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Who's paying who?

There's a new initiative on the net. It's called 'Stop Badware'. 'Badware' is a new kindergarten term for spyware or trojans - the parasites that live and thrive on Windows computers.

Bill Gates has been known in the past to pressure outside groups to assume his responsibilities, demanding Internet backbone providers beef up security to protect his precious operating system, but this latest move really takes the cake.

Sponsored by the likes of Harvard University, Sun Microsystems, Lenovo, the redoubtable Vint Cerf, and Google (who've registered the domain) StopBadware.org, ostensibly dedicated to the eradication of all things hostile to Microsoft Windows, do not have a single mention of that operating system on their entire website.

Chock full of information on how poor computer users can combat the increasingly malicious attacks, the simple truth - that all threats disappear completely as soon as the emigration from Windows is complete - is not mentioned a single time.

Begging the question 'who's paying who'.

StopBadware.org seem to want feedback from the general public, so after visiting their website why not drop them a line and tell them what you think.

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